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  1. I wanted to post about an issue I found today while troubleshooting the error I was seeing after reinstalling aaf and this patch along with the Staged Leito Plus patch. Hopefully this will help someone that tries to do the same thing I did. The error I was getting when trying to start an animation was "[061] No available actors found within the scan range" and also above that the bottom button shows as %VAR4% Cycle formation: %VAR5%. I typed all that to help people that search text but I'll also include a screen shot. To be clear, I understand now why this happened and I have a
  2. Time for plan B. I thought I was smart, stashed my guns in the armor bench at the gas station in Lexington near the car plant. I just got the part where I have to and My character is under 25% health, she can't sneak or heal because of leg restraints, wearing handcuffs, and has the rubber balloon hood on. Bonus plug stimulation so she is moaning while the low health heartbeat is sounding off. If I could get to the workbench I think I can use it to get free lol. I doubt it will let me fast travel. This is pretty hilarious, I love this mod.
  3. "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." - Carl Sagan It sounds like you are really interested in this idea, that's great. Here are some tips. - Decide which version of Skyrim you want to use. There's Legendary Edition, and Special Edition. - The guides I linked in my first post cover how to get Legendary Edition running. - You have alot of googling ahead of you. - Use the search bar on this site as well. - If you see a mod you want to use, hit the follow button on the mod page. - Read the supp
  4. This is a video file. You'd have to ask the creator to re-cut the scene with her armor off. You can certainly read up on the many guides and make your own skyrim install, and try and make a character that looks like that, and place some tame werewolfs in the world, and set up the scene, and then you can have her wear whatever you want! Cheers
  5. Try going into the MCM of Deviously Cursed Loot, look for misogyny and try to disable it. If that gets rid of the force greets then you might keep it disabled. I don't remember it working very well when I was using DCL before, but it was one of the older versions maybe 8.x
  6. Could be Deviously cursed loot's misogyny feature? Sounds familiar. Can you please post your load order in a spoiler tag or text file?
  7. Heya, Can you post your load order in a spoiler tag or text file please? Are you using "Crash Fixes"? The 2020 Skyrim LE Stability Guide has good info on crashing. Is it only in one place? What does Toggle Focus do?
  8. If you look at the .gif file and the video on the mod download page you linked, see how the dress is moving around like that and not static? That's because it is using Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP). If you are using HDT-PE, then you can get cloth physics with SMP-PE. I'm pretty sure you can't used HDT-PE and HDT-SMP at the same time? but maybe someone knows differently. Edit: This thread says HDT-PE and HDT-SMP are not compatible and may have more info for you. I just took a look at it with my LE install. I have HDT-PE and SMP-PE (smp+pe hdt patch 0802) installed, and
  9. One of the facts of life about modding is you can follow a mod's download page perfectly, but issues can be found later that get resolved in the help threads for the mods and then the download pages sometimes don't get updated with those fixes. A good practice to get into is make note of the help threads for the individual mods you are using and hit the Get Help button on the mods download page to try and Ctrl+F4 skim through to see if your issue has been seen before. One of the issues that you describe is fairly common, the storageutil.dll issue is (usually) caused by mods ship
  10. Heya, You posted this to the general technical support forum for Legendary Edition Skyrim, but the question you are asking would be better suited to the help forum for the mod you are using. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you probably are using Mia's Lair a.k.a Sexlab Sex Slaves. If you hit the Get Help button on a mod's download page and you might either find that your question has already been answered or if not you can ask there. There's also a separate help thread for that mod if you happen to be using Skyrim Special Edition (Skyrim Sex Slaves SSE).
  11. Just so you know, it wouldn't be necro'ing the thread in this case, since that one serves as a support thread for the mod download. But it's ok to post it here, maybe more eyes will see it. I'm not currently running Skyrim Special Edition, so I can't test it (This section of the forum is for Legendary Edition support), but I had a look at the files in the download. It looks like there is 1 local copy of the armor, that includes the CBBE bodyslide, as well as an offsite mirror. I'm assuming you installed NPRChinaDress(Daiemonic Edit)4.2_CBBE.7z. But also there is a fi
  12. I'm glad you got it fixed, and I understand if you don't feel like explaining it, but... this is a technical support forum, and even if you could just give a brief summary it might help someone in the future that googles for ENB help. Up to you, of course.
  13. I missed this part the first time I read it. Are you right clicking on the overwrite folder in MO and hitting clear? If so, you may be deleting any nifs you are building with bodyslide among other things. Clearing the overwrite should only be done if you are making a patch that sticks everything from overwrite into it's own "mod" which you would then enable as a separate thing. So for example if you build all your armor to a specific body you could copy the Meshes folder from overwrite to somewhere else, make a zip file from it, and install it into MO like it's a mod, and make sure it is a
  14. The installer for UAP references "Natural Expression" but I'm not clear on what that is. Is it referring to "Natural Expression Fix(NOMORE CARTOON FACE )"? If so, is that mod worth using? An issue I had with Skyrim was that mouths never opened far enough when performing oral sex (until I found an expression mod that opened them slightly wider which helped a tiny bit), but this "fix" mod seems like it keeps mouths from opening wide which I'm not sure I'd want...
  15. Is this a new mod list build or has it worked in the past? Have you tried "Crash Fixes"? Check this out, it talks about crashing and stability and methods to curtail these issues: 2020 Skyrim LE Stability Guide You may also want to look into using Wryebash for bashed patch
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