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  1. Well if you haven't checked it recently, try checking it again. Maybe a windows update turned it back on. It's either a windows being lame problem or a mod doing weird stuff problem. May as well completely rule out windows first (start game as admin / add exceptions / check file access etc). But if you go through that and it still doesn't work right... I know it's a pain to disable a handful of mods at a time, it sucks, but sometimes that's the only way to figure stuff out if google search is failing to provide an immediate answer and the issue is apparently different than the resolution which started this thread.
  2. There's a report in the Start Me Up thread where someone is using both the Nora companion mod and Start Me Up. But either way, the main reason I suggested it, is that it makes testing various locations much easier. Your Fallout install may be on your G drive, but what folder are the saves being stored? If you start the game and spawn in and wait a minute and save the game, are you able to load that game? Another suggestion, if you don't want to use alternate start. Disable most everything except for the bare essentials like looksmenu (or just make a completely unmodded run outside), and get yourself to sanctuary, make a save, then exit. Then make a copy of that save file and store it in another folder. That way you have a clean start outside and passed the vault and you can use that to begin, with your mods enabled. There are people that say it's best to not enable your mods until you get out of the vault, because of the way the some of the mods initialize before that. With that said, the only other recommendation is to test your mods to see which one is causing the problem (unless it's something that Windows is doing, like if your saves are going to a folder on your C drive that windows is protecting, or your antivirus is preventing the save from writing, etc.) Other than that, maybe someone can take a look at your mod list and notice something else. I've only been playing Fallout 4 for a few months so I don't know the mods as well as I do for Skyrim. Edit: Other suggestions to try: Start the game as administrator, add the game exe and process to exceptions (yes, the instructions below use the skyrim exe as an example but it's the same principle, you would want to add the f4se loader exe and the game exe as a file and process exception)
  3. This appears to be a repackaging of the full mod. Theoretically you could just merge this into your existing folder, but you could take 2 precautions beforehand just in case, back up your most recent save files to a secondary location and backup your original mod folder in kind.
  4. @IceBlazeWinters - make sure you don't have steam cloud saving enabled / steam cloud full - try using Start Me Up to skip the intro - make sure you aren't inadvertently getting switched to "survival" mode in the difficulty settings - disable mods in groups of 10 - test different areas using the alternate start mod linked above Unless someone comes through and is able to spot the issue, it might be necessary to trouble shoot it a group of mods at a time.
  5. Here is your reverse translation: "AND THE WINE IS ON TOP OF THE COUNTRY, TO THE LEFT." ... hmmm... Go home, country. You're drunk.
  6. Oh hey, I did some searching and found this, It's a document with a bunch of removed nexus mods and where they are being officially rehosted. There's a discord link in there for Flashy, don't know if it works. Some other discord links on reddit posts were supposedly dead. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Im5Mg-l2btRsYVOjaJa0slrjDcXNvi41J5pHw_Zuwqw/edit
  7. https://tv.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/103934fc-f4f7-4c30-9332-b7211110f792 (I couldn't find a better link, sadly) I would never do such a thing!
  8. The bartender pours some water onto the side bar, which the paper umbrella drinks voraciously. It spins around with delight.
  9. The Flashy mods were linked a few days ago from google drive. My understanding is that Flashy has a Discord. I ended up downloading all the files from the link just in case, but I tried to add 1 of the advance needs expansion and it complained about the version, so I don't know if I'm going to bother trying the others. I already have the AAF expansion. Probably better to join the discord. With regards to Skyrim, I had a few things going like Sexlab Survival, Devious Followers, Addict, Guards that would search you and get pissed off if you had lock picks or drugs, PoP, Lola, and some others. I would like to redo my mod list, maybe switch from cbbe to some form of unp. It's a pity that there aren't as many choices for Fallout 4, I was surprised about that. This game is over 6 years old, I had assumed there would be more. I guess it didn't help that there were competing sex framework systems toward the beginning? I don't know the history behind it. I'd never seen Eating off the Floor before, so thanks for linking that! I agree with you about the dialogue story pop ups, especially if there's only a couple variations. Like with Milk Mod Economy you read it once or twice and then it just becomes a speed bump. If I do add stories like that, I would either make them optional or just have a version / plugin without the stories. In an ideal world I could make something that doesn't rely on something else, mainly because I'm reluctant to commit to supporting something that could break based on what someone else does with their mod. I just depends on how far I would want to take it. Are you aware of any mods that let you "forage" for food, like in Hunterborn for Skyrim, you could click a hotkey and go searching for food? It just turned your screen black for a second and told you if you found something and advanced the game clock ahead an hour. I just typed the word forage into the Fallout 4 nexus and got 0 hits but maybe there's already a mod for that called something else...
  10. Preamble-But-Hopefully-Not-Ramble I decided to start this blog to pursue potentially creating a mod. Over the course of the past few months I've been playing a tremendous amount of Fallout 4. I'd never played it before, but in May decided it was time to figure out what mods I wanted to use and get to it. I used the beginner's guide linked in my signature to get started, and have kept the core texture updates and many of the quality of life updates but there were a few I skipped or changed due to various issues. At the time I was somewhat disappointed to find that Devious Devices for Fallout was in an abandoned state, but there were some community provided fixes like a script update which made it nearly tolerable. Fortunately the awesome people in that mod's thread came together recently and got Kimy's blessing to create a community patch which will hopefully soon be available on the main download page. Here's a link to the latest Devious Devices community patch release candidate, by the way. That got me excited to use devices again, having previously tuned my mods to only allow 1 or 2 or just avoid them for the most part. The other day when I was in Corvega having some fun with the Raiders there, or should I say, allowing all of the raiders there to have some fun with me (Thanks Raider Pet) I remembered something I had thought about previously regarding needs and gags and immersion. I'm standing there wearing a tape gag over my mouth, and I have plenty of food and water in my inventory, and I can just eat and drink right through the gag without taking it off. And while that's not very immersive, I can hand wave it away and pretend I just took the tape off a little to eat. But what if I was both gagged and handcuffed, or had an arm binder? How would I eat then? I shrugged my shoulders and continued on, eventually deciding that I would just put an end to all of the raiders before it could get to that point. Earlier today a post in the violate thread by @wutpickel caught my eye and reminded me (I hope you don't mind that I linked it here). Is there a better way to handle food while tied up? And if not, can I possibly create a solution? Apparently there are a small number of things that have been put out in the past to address this situation, but that may not be a deterrent for my quest. I intend to review those solutions in order to understand how they were implemented. @vaultbait posted a good comment outlining some of these solutions. I had seen the StaticPhobia's final farewell thread before but hadn't looked into what the tweak scripts related to since the page linked from that thread no longer resolves, so the one Vaultbait posted will be a great resource. As for CSA, I haven't tried that one yet, and I can't remember now exactly why I decided against it previously. The first thing I did without looking at anything else was to make a little outline of what I thought I might be able to accomplish and what I thought would work as a mod. This is highly subject to change. I've never "written" a mod before, I mainly tinker with other people's mods attempting to get them to work in slightly different ways. I have some experience with xEdit, a very very small amount of experience with the CK, and I've been able to make minor edits and compile scripts before with Skyrim. I recently put out my very first "mod" which is really just a simple dialogue translation for Sexual Harassment by @twistedtrebla who I just can't thank enough for letting me post. Sincerely, it meant so much to me to be able to make those changes and share them with other people. A Mod Needs a Name: If I do end up making a mod for "immersive eating while being unable to use your hands or mouth", it's got to have a name that I like. The first contender is "'Mmhmm' Means Eat". I really really like that name. So unless I come up with something much better, it might stick. The only minor issue is that MME is the commonly referred to acronym for the lovely Skyrim mod, Milk Mod Economy. I can live with that, I suppose. Outline: This Outline is likely more complex than the initial version of the mod will be, but it's a goal: A mod to feed you if you are gagged/bound I. detects gag? arm binder? handcuffs? wrist cuffs? (soft DD dependency, Real Handcuffs?) II. Are there people around? 1. If Yes, People feed you / water you (little / no radiation dmg +1 rad) a. if player has caps, npc takes 5 caps b. if the player has no caps, chance to ask for sex or free meal (or something else?) 2. If No, forage for food/water (might take more radiation dmg, +10 rads?) III. Make up a story about what happened? Have the NPC say something? outline notes: Start with the simplest idea: Press button, get food (isn't life just one giant Skinner box anyway). Later, add story dialogue pop ups. I feel like the best solution is to make it completely agnostic, not relying on any other mod installed. What if something comes out with a cool gag and it's not DD, or it's just an armor mod that has a weird mask or something? Also I've heard about another restraint framework being worked on. To accommodate as many mod setups as possible, it might be best to not have any dependency. This will reduce the initial scope but leave room for expansion. Maybe the first version is a super simple dialogue pop up and it feeds you soup, then branch out into having multiple stories with a random chance to have a different story pop up or a chance for the npc to not feed you because they don't have any food or maybe they are just really mean. Could even do it with no one around, just say they stealth in and vanished. Or have the option to forage? I feel like foraging for food might have a chance for some consequences, at the very least a chance to take more radiation damage because you can't be picky about what you are finding to eat. Actually, what had happened was, There are a group of ninja chef's and they find people that are tied up and force them to try their latest concoctions. What if some of the food had a chance to be drugged? hmm...
  11. That's a great idea and something I was thinking about the other day in Corvega with my mouth taped shut... I might have to try and learn how to script and see if it's something I can figure out how to make. I made a little outline of how it might work. Perhaps I'll start a blog about it...
  12. What mod manager are you using? You can try using that to check for file conflicts. I don't see the unofficial patch listed, are you using that? (Probably doesn't fix your issue but it fixes alot of things) Are you sorting your load order? If you haven't checked any guides for setting up mods / load orders, there are some in my signature.
  13. You could try reinstalling (use 'replace' button) that skin texture mod and make sure to choose cbbe Atomic Beauty in the installer, because it looks like it's already at a higher priority level as far as I can tell. I don't know what other options there are in the installer, but if you aren't using unique player then make sure you aren't installing support for it through the skin texture installer. Edit: sorry just saw you are using Atomic Beauty so maybe there's an option for it in your skin texture installer
  14. See the thing that looks like a lightning bolt? some of them have red lines under it? It's in the "conflicts" part of the table on the left hand side of your mod manager. It looks like you are using CBBE, and something is getting overwritten there. double click that lightning bolt to see. If you have any other "skin" mods, check for conflicts there. You want to see which files are "winning" and "losing" p.s. It's hard to read, the way you have it posted, but also my eyesight sucks. you may try and export a plugin list instead in a text file and attach that. Also I suggest putting any larger pictures in spoiler tags, so they take up less real estate (in this economy? free real estate.)
  15. Known Things: Things I forgot to mention on the download page will go here so as not to send unnecessary update notifications out. 1. The mod still uses the phrase "service my cock" or something to that effect. I couldn't come up with an alternative that I was happy with. I'd already changed blowjob to oral, and even that isn't very natural sounding. Plus most of the animations have strap-on so I figured I would let that one be. 2. The mod still uses "Yes Sir" in the responses. Couldn't think of a better way for that either. If you see any other little things I didn't catch feel free to post about it for consideration. It was mentioned in the other thread that there could be a better way to handle gender with dialogue conditions, and I'll be taking a look to see if it's feasible / something I can understand how to do as a novice modder
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