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  1. Is there a patch for this or do you just have to choose one or the other?
  2. Not 100% sure why or if there is a mod conflict, but this patch does not like 1.2, breaks the research screen and attempting to click a research node spams the console with errors. Removing this patch from my load order stopped the error spam and allowed me to research again.
  3. Does anyone know of a conflict with Dinosauria? I've sorted out most of the bugs and snags in my mod order but I'm scratching my head at my current tribal save. The short version: My zoophiles are going at my female animals like crazy but failing to impregnate, despite impregnating any humanoid female that stays the night in their camp. The long version: My Tribal Lizardmen pawns are humping their Triceratop and Raptor animal companions on a daily basis, despite settings listed in the picture below and even turning complex DNA on and off, the female animals won't be inseminated. I
  4. Is there anyway to get prepare carefully to work? When I try with RJW active it spams me over condoms and hololocks and things not having icons and refuses to launch.
  5. It seems that my problem was that my body replacer isn't affecting NPCs adding by mods like Inconsequential NPCs or BBLS. I'm not sure if this is an Mo2 problem or just a load order compability.
  6. Having some issues where my Followers and player are inflating properly (most of the time) but no matter how I arrange my mod order, install and reinstall bodies and skeletons I cna't seem to get non-follower NPCs to properly inflate. Mod is saying the NPC's belly is full of cum and can't hold more,but their belly is still flat and normal. Only my followers like Abigail the made are properly inflating after sexy times.
  7. Does anyone know if/how to turn mating call into a proper group sex trigger? I have scenes that allow beastial threesomes (such as Billy's ALs) and I'm aware that mods like Defeat allow group sex. But making an animal a member of the pack basically makes things like Defeat not work for them anymore. Is there anyway to mod or over write something that would cause Untamed's Infinity mode to proc group scenes or is it stuck in 1 on 1 scenarios?
  8. Still not fond of the Stability malus on Dairy buildings. They aren't powerful enough even with Milk Cow policies to warrant such a debuff, especially now with the building giving planet wide debuffs rather than ones specifically towards the workers or ethics that might be opposed to the use of milk cows (which, frankly as long as they aren't slavery only spiritualists have much ground for opposing.)
  9. Anyone know a way to make Fallen Empires/Primitives and other non-standard empires draw more from modded species than vanilla ones?
  10. For anyone willing to tweak the files, you can remove the stability malus on Dairy buildings by going to your Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod\!!Lustful Void\common\buildings and editing your lv_buildings.txt file to remove all the lines with 'stability' in them (just ctrl + f and find all three and remove them.) If you know more about the code you can change the values to better suit what you want it to be.
  11. What was the purpose of slapping -10/20/30 stability onto the Diary chain buildings? Stability is a huge stat and there aren't many ways to improve it, let alone offset something as hard hitting as -30. If this was happiness, I could almost understand, but having a Dairy Arcology is the same effect on stability as having 0% pop approval!
  12. And yet still doing God Aphrodite Slaanesh ... Good. You're doing good work.
  13. TBH We've always known the pop system was bad but yeah ever since 2.2 overhaul and removing the upper limit on how many pops each planet can hold really made it worse. All the calculations happening at the beginning of the month kind of makes you wonder why they didn't just go pure turn based because then they could at least justify the lag in the turn transistions. I hold onto the feeble hope that one day they'll abandon the pop system entirely for a pure numbers system like EU4/HoI4 or Distant Worlds.
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