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  1. Happens randomly ... lips start moving after I disable and enable controls
  2. I had this problem before, don't know how i fixed it. Whenever my character tries to speak, scene pauses (stucks)? Last time , I think fixed it by downgrading fuzdoh to 6.0. Is anybody having the same issue? To get past I need to disable and enable controls
  3. Has anybody encountered whiteurn dungeon issue? The cell loads successfully but then it freezes and game memory keep on increasing. Papyrus and HDT log looks ok.
  4. Loved the mod as usual. I was hoping for more forced/humiliation content in the underground 😩
  5. I am still getting this error in MO2
  6. @zaira Did you resolve the cage issue? I am up for some beta testing.😀
  7. Hi would highly appreciate if someone can upload the latest UUNPPetalBodyslide 2.86 Thanks! http://www.9damao.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=82762&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D75
  8. @fishburger67 Are you working on any updates LE or SSE? Tx
  9. Haha Call me lazy...I love my current oldrim setup (mods, enb and textures) Not sure wanna go through it again or even possible . Eventually though I will have no option but to move as new mods will be SSE exclusive.
  10. Maybe I will give SSE a try once Sexlab is out of beta.
  11. Hi @fishburger67, will your all future work be in SSE?
  12. Been a while I played Maria. @zaira Really like the pony quest. I had to start via console though. Hopefully you expand on it and make slavery bit forced. Found some issues (in slavery): 1. When you get into pillory etc. Follower becomes busy but moves away from player and don't do anything. 2. Follower oral sex is broken. After open mouth, sex goes to bj and player is no longer in initial stance and follower gets stuck after. Tested this on both zaz 7 and 8
  13. I had lot of hiccups too but try ZAZ release and enforce AI commands. Awesome mod btw reminded me of dark investigations in terms of immersion. Thank you for the translation.
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