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  1. love ur sims! any plans to upload barbara robert?
  2. I would love to see more of your creations
  3. size DOES NOT matter its all about how you use it and beat ur neighbor with it... im talking about baseball bats
  4. excited about trying the gangs out, i remember downloading sims based on the sopranos from the sims gallery years ago but never got to use them much. THANKS
  5. has anyone made a sim version of her?
  6. wow just wow, love the amount of detail and work been put into this SUPERB thanks alot
  7. huge huge fan of your sims, thanks for all the work and effort. absolutely appreciate your work, LOVE UR LISA ANN! (and many others) Would you kindly make Sarah Louise Young? One of the greatest Stars of all times THANX
  8. love your mods, thanks

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