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  1. I am happy that so many people started playing Bannerlord. But also worried that Taleworlds has so much work to do before people can start modding. We don't really need new models and animations though. It's obviously not skyrim-type-rpg, but more like Crusader Kings. And mods like CK I think are possible right now. Just one random and talented modder
  2. Is it possible to take drinks out or order them to house? Sim became alcoholic after a few drinks and now she needs to go to the bar which takes a lot of time to drink, but by the time she comes back she is already angry and wants more. It would be cool if you could store them in Inventory/Fridge and buy drinks like Wine, Beer, Vodka, Tequilla etc.
  3. Is it possible to add "Sex need" bar in Sims4 Needs tab? Also, are you guys using some mod to make days last longer, or you change duration of animations, cuz on default 1 woohoo can last for 3 hours, leaving no time for other things.
  4. Find a good modlist you want and install it, always killing temptation to add something when you're installing. (Here is one: https://modwat.ch/u/NoppaiKohai/modlist . Ask ppl on forum, discord, reddit etc. if you want something else). It's still not automated, but I find finding mods to create good build most important step
  5. I'm also wondering. There is huge hype for RDR2 so maybe atleast 1 or 2 people will try something. But there isn't any mod for proper sex in GTAV (i know of) and it was hyped much more. It's pure randomness. Someone might make a mod but not publish it, scared of Rockstar or we can see nude mods in first week.
  6. well i blocked SSE in firewall so i actually forgot about updates and creation club (playing on 1.53) and making a setup for SSE took me way less to make a stable gameplay (no crashes yet with ~255 plugins). Maybe i would consider coming back to LE, but making it stable took me last time 4 days of constant modding. Also finding good mods through 60k of them is... urgh.
  7. After coming back to newly eslaved Whiterun I get crashes after entering Dragonsreach. I can see for 0.5sec Balgruuf and his slaves, but then, a crash. I tried disabling all armor mods (in case of nude-conflicts) as well as 60% of my other mods. I have all hard-dependencies, but dunno what can initate a crash except for missing Zaz etc (which is not missing),
  8. It's weird because after every sex they just say "bitch, that was hardly anything". I have used MCCC to make days 3 times longer, but i don't think that's a cause. Only one time client gave me money (66'$'). And after failed prostitution relationship goes waayy fucking down. To the f bottom. Instead of this, could you make some 'reputation' system? So people will disrespect us, like us or something. depends on their traits. Just a proposition, but i still can't play with these greedy Sims and no money from them
  9. It's weird because after every sex they just say "bitch, that was hardly anything". No money for well done job :C Also could you change relation lose after bad 'sex'? It goes all way down to the bottom. Fuck man xD
  10. Does anyone knows if this mod is still alive? Seems like CE0 hasn't look up at LL for a long time.
  11. Awaiting for future news!

  12. Great stories. ^^ Climat of Skyrim is strong here, and everything is nearly perfect. 9/10 from me. We need more stories like this. Keep doing.
  13. Soo... in general and via dialogue. Maybe less intense emotions will fix it? Not always ofcourse. But when it's needed
  14. Just my personal thought. They shouldn't be always enjoying sex so much. Great story tho. i love these screens.
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