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    It's Whibby Gaylord! Recently got into sims 4 and decided to make some stuff for it. I'm a big ol' creepo so I came to LoversLab. Some may know me from my YouTube presence where I may thirst-trap videos for athletes and celebs. I'm a rather rear-focused individual.

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  1. https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/thisisthem/ https://www.patreon.com/posts/brianna-brandon-31496709 These are about where you need to be.
  2. As in some of my images? I often use ThisIsThem custom skin overlays (applied in the skin detail tab), and I might also use (MoonchildLovesTheNight_StrudelRedone_Bottom_M_Lighter) for the stretch-mark texture on the figure on the right, which resides in my tattoo tab. Custom content like this really adds a lot.
  3. Well, you can look through your folder for yourself and know what they all are supposed to do that you want in your game. You can add my sliders into your game. Then play the game and see for yourself if something you had before isn't working.
  4. Peachy-Thicc, Cornfed & Beefy? Provided there are no conflicts with sliders you're already using, then yes, all three are usable together. Peachy-Thicc is available for the lower arms, feet, neck, (and lower legs on this forum). Cornfed is available for the stomach/waist, feet, neck. Beefy is available for the neck or feet.
  5. The WickedWhims female bottom works, but Pixel_ButtSlider doesn't seem to work. What do you mean by using "3 of this slider?"
  6. Yes, the neck version of Peachy-Thicc will conflict with/override that slider. For height, I'm using (REDHEADSIMS CASBackLegHeightSlider) where I can pull vertically on the back of the calves to change the sim's body height. https://www.redheadsims-cc.com/2018/11/height-slider-collection.html
  7. Here's a version of the Peachy-Thicc slider that uses the calves/lower legs. It works from every angle, but if you specifically want it exclusively from the back for some reason, I'll make two more offshoots and send them for you to try. PeachyThicc_SLIDER_CALVES_version_byWhibbyGaylord.package
  8. The feet slider should work normally. Pulling horizontally will grow/shrink the feet. Pulling vertically will change the butt.
  9. So I just updated to the Dec 7, 2020 update which I'm assuming is when you started having issues, and am now playing on (PC) After re-enabling mods in the menu of course, I find that the Peachy-Thicc and Cornfed are still working in my game for men, women and everything between. And again, my game has been updated to the latest version. And other sliders I had put into my game before the update are still working too. My files aren't different than the ones on the site now, so the problem shouldn't require some sort of update for the sliders. My Beefy slider isn't in my
  10. No significant changes have been made to the files. All of them should work together except for the conflict between the neck-beefy slider and the custom little one I put into this forum, and any other conflict mentioned on the post's page.
  11. Whibby_BACKofNECKwalnutFEMALEsliderQ.package I'm putting up a custom slider for your specific situation. This will add walnut to a female sim's frame when the back of her neck is pulled down. To combine the effects, first add Cherry by pulling up on the forearms, then pull down on the back of the neck to add walnut. This is what that process looks like on a regular body preset. (Regular) + Cherry + Walnut This is what doing that process on a sim already using the Walnut preset looks like.* (Walnut) + Cherry + Walnut And thi
  12. A slider for the butt that works for males? That's exactly what I've made.
  13. That kind of groin shift is part of the Beefy transformation. If the auto-align in WW isn't fixing it, then I'm afraid that's how it goes.
  14. I love overhang, so while this isn't something I made, it's something I would like to make.
  15. This set of sliders is made to work with males and females already, if that's what you mean.
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