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  1. I subbed to his Mod Hoarders site and got the cloud 9 which includes what I requested Bijin Thiana Follower Main-97813-v-1LE-1558304096.7
  2. Probably too late but you can use xEdit to update record form versions Apply script, update records form version, hit Save then OK then exit xEdit The script is a seperate Nexus download I believe(or may now be included) Change the 43 to 44 as seen below const FV_Check = 40; FV_Set = 44;
  3. But dude! What about the extra shrubs and rocks they added? Or the slightly shifted around assets? Don't you care? I'm sorry, I can't....
  4. The user that inquired hasn't logged on in over a month but I'm putting it here for anyone else interested of if the user comes back(she is sitting at the table in the Palace of The Kings in Windhelm) Asherz Laali SE Optimized.7z
  5. Don't wanna make a new thread so I'll ask here for an English translation of AION Rose(I deadass can't figure out how to work those translator tools) Aion Rose Armor UUNP.rar
  6. He pulled all his LE mods(except USLEEP) down over the collections shitstorm along with his Paarthurnax mod from SE(it seems) His LE mods are on *his* site or Steam, SE mods are still on Bethesda Why LE and not also SE, backlash maybe? Don't know
  7. Check Vivienne Onis: You really don't know?
  8. And you can also run the plugin though the LE CK(after removing ESL flag) so that it's form 43. I don't what a form 44 plugin does to LE games or save files, but better safe than "this save game is corrupt and cannot be loaded"as seen with bad LE to SE ports
  9. Unrelated but I've experienced CTD with the BDO pack when unequipping some weapons(Sin Terrna to be precise), might want to check that out if you can
  10. View File Smooth-Card Weapon merged plugin(for those missing the CW parent master SW) Going through the 9Damao and Naver Cafe threads I came across this particular mod. After downloading and installing I got a "missing master" warning. After going to Schaken I found a YouTube video with the Google Drive link to the Smooth Weapon file that was missing. For your convenience I used xEdit to merge the two plugins so you don't have to wonder what you're missing or where to find it This is what I'm referring to https://schaken-mods.com/file/1888-skyrim-se-cardweapon-english/?tab=details(also this) If you have Cardweapon but not Smooth Weapon installed just replace the .esp with this one, if you have them both installed you either ignore this or delete and replace both files with this one to save a slot ESP-FE not possible due to nearly 3,000 records Alternatively I have uploaded whole thing to Bethesda.net, including merged edit I can create a MEGA with update if requested and provide link Submitter CAM 30 00 Submitted 10/24/2021 Category Regular Mods Requires Card Weapon pack Regular Edition Compatible No  
  11. Trying to bait me into a flame war? Not gonna happen, we've seen your kind before. I've posted my peace, and now I'm moving on. Those seconds you're wasting sneak dissing are moments you can't have back. When you diw none of this will matter. You're welcome for the life advice. Hate me now, thank me later. Farwell.
  12. Not that I need to explain but I'm going to. I misspelled "without." Never said I was a perfect god. And I wasn't talking about Fore, rather other authors who leave(regardless of why) and don't make their mods free to use like Nuska and her mods(OCO, EEO). And no they're not obligated to(or even leave them up at all) but it would be nice if they did(in event of bugs or remasters etc.) Think of all the LE mods that may never get an SE/AE port(unless for one's own personal use). Or the Oblivion mods nearing a decade old. And I'm well aware USSEP in still available, that was never the point. I was talking about creating a free and open source mod that can't be copyrighted(like USSEP with Skyrim VR for example) because the author doesn't like how it's being used. Or destroy one's load order after being removed(collections purge of July ring a bell?) Next time think before you rush to judgement without knowing facts, thank you and enjoy your afternoon(or night or morning).
  13. A truly free and open source USSEP(like Nemesis vs. FNIS) equal to knock DMCAmoor down a few pegs and not have to depend on people like him when they throw "i'm taking my toys and going home" fits or retire without leaving permission to modify or adopt
  14. Santa Bikini for Legacy UUNP/BHUNP View File I know it's October and we still haven't even hit Halloween yet. However like many of you I will be busy around that time so why not now? Comes with high heeled boots, gloves, bracers and sexy bikini(no hat.sorry), long hair will clip through small collar Physics supported, CPBC or SMP and XPMSSE required, all 3 require SKSE as you likely already know Tested on both Legacy and BHUNP, they fit and function identically(BHUNP has more bouncy titties, belly and leg shake but you probably know that already) Will require a high heels framework to keep heels from clipping Meshes are already built, mod is packed into a BSA from my BethNet upload. loose files slow down boot and load times Your body itself will need to be built in BodySlide Download either the AIO or just Heels go to your MCM and set to 8 units, that will give even contact between heels and ground Just adding this link since it's requested by uploader as part of permissions Credits to ousnius for porting the beloved UUNP to Special Edition and BodySlide Blender Nifskope Cathedral Assets Optimizer xEdit Bakafactory anf Haeun for BHUNP HydrogensaysHDT for what else? LazyGirl for LazyTools Since I can't screenshot worth a damn those are Google searches of actual santa bikini models, mod in game doesn;t deviate to far from those images however As always I don't believe in permission gatekeeping, so feel free to unpack BSA and convert to CBBE, upload to Nexus or even sell it for money, God(or Allah if you're Muslim) gave you free will so who am I to tell you how to live? I am aware there are other Santa-themed outfits for Skyrim, this is but another one for those who need just a little more Submitter CAM 30 00 Submitted 10/21/2021 Category Adult Mods Requires Legacy UUNP or BHUNP, LazyHeels Regular Edition Compatible No  
  15. Of course we can complain and say we're never using Nexus again. But admittedly how to resist the urge when almost everything you like is there and nowhere else? Just say "screw modding" and play vanilla? And deal with the game breaking bugs that those mods can fix? Robbin Scott has the world by the balls and he knows it. Much like Denuvo and other DRM and MTX, we can't complain about something while rewarding it because money is all they care about, not feelings. We have the power to make a change. Support LL, ModDB and other sites to add some comepetition to the scene and wake up Nexus from their arrogance. Worked with supporting AMD vs NVIDIA and Intel didn't it? Ramble over, good night.
  16. The 3BA sliders are there but for the body, hands and feet. check your CalienteTools/BodySlide folder I don't know jack shit about making zap sliders, sorry
  17. Sorry, I removed old one and replaced it with working function
  18. With MEGA link everything is included, also on Bethesda.net in BSA format OG is here on LL by summerdew @Cow1234 That's Charles Rene by NINI from BDO(?) for LE Sorry for the late replies
  19. She comes with CBBE 3BA body, her own catsuit and SMP hair which requires HDT-SMP framework Is equipped with powerful restoration spells(fast and grand healing) Mask and SMP hair equip when she follows you, appears without initially Also comes with 3BA BodySlide preset so that you can adjust her body adjust to your liking She is chillin' at Dragonsreach near the spot where Gerda does her chores(right side of the entrance) Uses female young eager voice, essential, can be married and made Hearthfire steward, standard practice for follower mods Use MHIYH Plus' Player Bed Ownership patch by bchick3 to make her sleep in a bed made for you(Breezehome, Honeyside, Hjerim,etc.) Can be managed with AFT, EFF etc. to adjust her combat style among other things She uses scripts to cast powerful healing spells and adjust catsuit, therefore DO NOT uninstall mid-game as with any mod that uses scripts I was requested to remove the file due to asset use permissions, leaving MEGA link with 3BA body and dialogue fix https://mega.nz/file/YehHHArS#660jPuMwK-CtZ9HuLKk_5RcAC2XrG4i33tL71tvbVB4 BHUNP "conversion" made for personal use(only replaced meshes and skin textures) below: https://mega.nz/file/kb5hRAIT#VhuWFi3GImo5CSEFSfB1KYEwD5NWUUU03ceBIMa-aT4 I apologize for the inconvience May they never know a peaceful eternity Submitter CAM 30 00 Submitted 10/16/2021 Category Regular Mods Requires HDT-SMP, XPMSSE CBPC, SKSE Regular Edition Compatible No
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