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  1. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91714-3d-max-2018-pluginunloader/


    might be useful for someone thats doing max plugins and wanna avoid restarting max all the time when testing changes ^^.


    1. BenChang


      Sounds amazing- I'm confused though, what exactly does this do?

    2. theru


      loads the plugin static, only load the classes not the dll itself so it never get registred inside max,wich alow  unload without max crashing or that u need to restart max ^^

  2. idea comes from this https://codeload.github.com/scorpion007/unload first i tried to rebuild it with no succes. after that point it got totaly change make over to work pretty much 90 % is changed. if u wanna test it u put it in plugin folder,go to utilitys and u will see unload plugin when creating new menu;(add new bar to utility panel) unload panel is in the list. to add a plugin need ofc the normal stuff in dll such as LibInitialize, LibShutdown,LibDescription,LibNumberClasses,LibVersion,LibClassDesc, u dont need main when loading plugins withis extension, and file extension is not importent either any works as long u have thoose functions^^ and its a plugin ofc theres 3 ways adding normal way by max, or by class or qt, i recommend dont use max method in ma or from this plugin, the dll will be stucked in memory. use either qtlib option or normalway,. these function will load just the classes from dll, and while dll still will be unloaded in max^^,this gives u benefits to use classes as normal in max and still be able to rebuild the dll without restarting max might be some bugs stuff i forgot, but licence is "do wtf u want" just leave a credit back to me somewhere in a tiny tiny note =P http://i65.tinypic.com/qycsoi.jpg my github is here https://github.com/nexustheru/MaxUnloadPLugin release is here(totaly beta hybrid) but it works =P https://github.com/nexustheru/MaxUnloadPLugin/releases
  3. u want the link for it or ?? http://www.mediafire.com/file/ukz3z3x67fhr11l/BDO+Dark+Knight+UUNP+HDT+v1.21.7z
  4. what would you do...if

    one week freepass and u wouldt do anything .. no man ^^ i dont belive u XD
  5. what would you do...if

    what would u do if u had one week in another persons body (soul switching)just like this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1488555/ , and maybe the counterpart is a girl. if i were a guy id prolly try to bone as many girls as possible >.< =P a total slugg ye xd
  6. no idea dont play fallout :) but if they dont have fallout its easy to konvert to it from skyrim
  7. lol dos it matter what language it is? i used google as anyone else
  8. Some advice?

    well i wish u good luck and i hope u do the right decision
  9. Some advice?

    sometime u need to cut it short and just walk away, if u think ure doing u or her a favor by comming back to her or stay ure wrong, as time goes and this continue this so called friendship will be beyond repair and both of u will be broken and so hurted for next potential relationship .( future ones). and u will have lost the friendship u might could have beore damage is to much
  10. Some advice?

    well it needs 2 people in relationship and as i understand it ure not really commited in both body and mind becouse u want girl nr 2, if u really preciate the time u had with girl A and have respect for her and care for her let her go, she will have the chance to find the person right for her( no need be in relation if both are unhappy). break up as friends w8 a month or so then try with girl b the one u really want.
  11. http://dragonporn.ldblog.jp/ http://modtype.doorblog.jp/ http://bbs.3dmgame.com/thread-5511254-1-1.html has alot but u need a translator if u dont understand korean
  12. i caaaame in liiike a wreeeeecking baaaaallll!

  13. likes to pretend being a furniture spare time when dont plying skyrim
  14. The Banning Game - II

    BANNED becuse ure avatar look like me!