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  1. Probably because it's a weird demo, basically. That and it being the KH team's early work with UE4.
  2. It'll probably come to PC, at least I hope, but the point is more you should make threads once there's something people can actually play out or around the corner.
  3. There's nothing to get on with though... until the game actually comes out there's nothing to do. Probably won't be until December at the earliest.
  4. There's a KH modding discord, OpenKH. You can't ask about NSFW specifically in there, but there's probably some tutorials/people you can ask about model swaps in general.
  5. Real bruh moment, lol. Anyway, thanks! Can't wait for the next girl. Also, if you ever get the chance I'd still be interested in a tutorial for custom data poses.
  6. They're probably included with the Aqua mod download. Whenever that gets released it'll probably be in there.
  7. Zai made poses for Aqua too
  8. Holy shit. Awesome! I love seeing new photo posts.
  9. Same. I never got around to Re:Mind on console anyway. I was going through 1/2 to kill time. I thought 2's post game content would take me longer to complete but I beat all the Data fights and Lingering Will (for the first time) in only a few days, lol.
  10. Made them perfect, really.
  11. Will a Kairi fix come out too?
  12. I probably will sometime today or tomorrow for something when I'm free.
  13. Holy shit. That's amazing. Any sort of nude mod for KH is like a teenage dream come true. I wonder if it'd be possible to give her some sexy ankle-strap high heels or something like that. I'd assume not? I went and looked up the original model just to refresh my memory and her shoes are flat anyway. The heel collision would never match unless you could somehow update it. The perfect version for me tho would be (if possible) heels, 3d pubes, and her stockings. Anyway, def gonna try and buy this later. This is well worth every penny.
  14. A shame. Though it sounds like it's because of the clothing? If you made a non-modular version then couldn't it be fixed? Or would it still be an issue because of the art style?
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