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  1. My sim seems to always be on her period. Having to change tampons and pads every few hours and even though she does change them, she gets a 'periodic stench' moodlet and close by sims get a 'fishy odor' moodlet. I tried all sorts of settings but had to change settings from menstrual cycle to simple. I was hoping for a surprise pregnancy but I also had to put her on the pill. Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong, please? Thank you in advance!
  2. I downgraded because of the 'joining' glitch
  3. What is this and how do I fix it? Thank you in advance!
  4. Where do we find "Fit to Sexual Function"? I'm having the same problem. Thank you in advance
  5. I would like if anyone could tell me about the BDSM tattoos and such. How do you know which tattoo does what and how to use them? Thank you in advance!

  6. I start the game and it takes a while but eventually I get on the main screen. Then I choose the file I want to play and I get to the world map. When I click on my household it loads and loads and loads but never starts. Please, any help at all?
  7. I've had them before without having to change hairstyle. Highlights, strips, rainbow, etc.... Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Tonya
  8. Is this mod still available? Where do I find the download link? 

  9. I have some romance mods from Sacrificial but can anyone recommend any other romance mods? What about cunnilingus? I have several script mods but don't have very much of a variety of cunnilingus. Is their anyone who could recommend them too? Thank you all in advance and stay safe!!!
  10. WW makes TS4 the best game ever!!! I love the animations but I'm also a romantic. I have Sacrificial's romance mods, but are there anymore? Thank you all in advance ❤️
  11. Does anybody know of or can recommend a good hairstyle mod? Something with a variety for all sims. I appreciate any help I could get on this.
  12. Sorry to keep bothering you. I got the reading one working but I can't seem to find any others. Is there anyway I could choose which toy she uses?
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