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  1. Also another suggestion: could you make AAF animations, maybe a solo of spraying breast milk?
  2. Where are these outfits from? Especially the heart pasties.
  3. Also, the milk overlays aren't showing up for the regular milking machines, just the ones put on settlers on the milking furniture. And remember to add the clones for Longfellow and Gage.
  4. For the next update, can the sex slaves found all across the Commonwealth be recruited into settlements after saving them?
  5. Could you add clone babies for DLC companions like Longfellow and Gage? I'm doing a Nuka World run with Open Season.
  6. Does the nipple tape in the Luxray outfit come with the mod?
  7. No, I do understand that you are removing the Pastie Overlay mod. I think I was one who suggested a Milk Machine mod that looked like "leaking milk" back in the old legacy version a while ago. Why weren't you happy with it? Is it that it looked more like white paint that milk since its just a single color?
  8. You're removing the overlays for the Milk Machines? I actually like that mod for the Milk Machines, despite it not showing up all the time on player characters than NPCs. Also in the MCM menu, when I set the "How Many Times the Milk/Semen Milker Repeats" slider from 1 to 100, close the menu and the re-open, the slider is back to 1.
  9. I have been using What’s Your Name to name settlers, but I noticed that while the prompt to name a Grown Settler comes up, a name is not given to them and they stay Grown Settler. Is there a way for you to fix this in the next update?
  10. Additionally, cloned companions do not retain their inventory when switching from settler to companion mode via the Loyalty Switch Syringe. I cloned X6-88 and when I gave him a Courser Uniform and Sunglasses in settler mode, he lost them when I switched him to companion form and vice-versa.
  11. Are you working on a rework of cloning via Planned Parenthood workbench? I have a ton of bloody babies I recovered from raiders and I wanted to turn them into clones, but the crafting recipes appear to only accept an older version of the baby item.
  12. Is the “Supply and Demand” mod for the extractors broken? I equipped a SaD Blood Needle to a Ghoul settler for blood and after some time she automatically unequips it. I’m not on Survival, by the way.
  13. Do you mean I can't actually build a flagpole in the workshop menu? Is it possible to get it working with the Nuka World Flagpoles?
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