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  1. Yeah, good thing it wasn't 30 min *Laughs*. That would have had me starting over because I didn't know any better... (I wouldn't like the though of having a fully clothes-less run-through). As far as interactable objects. Even though I realize it's time consuming. Might I suggest chairs, a lamp, a light, and maybe a table. You'd be the only one with a fully tentacle themed set. believe me I've looked all over for one. and I hear ya as far as existential dread. just don't let it get to you. at my age I've realized that as long as you're not putting your head in wasp nests, and jumping off of shit without a parachute; everything should turn out alright. granted you still have to deal with assholes that don't realize that making other peoples lives a living hell just screws it up for the rest of us, and makes it highly unpleasant.
  2. ok, good to know. and thanks for the response with the explanation. at the time it happened I was like WTF. Is my playthrough screwed?... (Pun might be intended)
  3. Hey Lamadi, I accidentally stepped in the potent tentacle secretion. Is there ANY way to get my character back the ability to put on visible clothing? ... ok, never mind. It's weird. I had to completely leave the game. load back in. then remove all my characters clothing. Then teleport to another location. then put the close back on to get it to restore my characters clothes. Not sure what caused it. most likely a glitch. Unless it has a time limit on the effect that's just not showing up under the characters status bars. If that is the case may I suggest adding that to the mod. and if that's not the case we can just chalk this up as either a conflict with another mod on my end, or just plane user error.
  4. The answer is simple, you're wanting a hold your hand game that has a plot, and a final boss. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. It's just, Kenshi isn't a hold your hand game. It's a sandbox game with ninjas/samurai. And what you're describing is better found in Bethesda's games. I know you might not like that, but this game isn't for you. Dark Souls has a plot, Mario Bros has a plot. however, Kenshi is an elaborate Lego game with simplified pieces. If you want to build up a squad of super solders and destroy a town you can. If you want to have a Harem of women at your disposal then you can. If you want to mod the heck out of this game to do pretty much anything you want... you guessed it. you can. but a major plot it does not have, and if making your own plots for the game isn't your desire than I don't know what to tell you. I can't make you like a game that has no plot, but has so much to offer in the way of personal story telling. I honestly have turned some of my friends away from playing this game because I knew they didn't have the personality to play it. Some gamers are balls to the walls completionist, and others are chill and thrill players. once again there's nothing wrong with either type of gamers, but it can get frustrating when a person buys a game that doesn't fit their playstyle but has a cool concept. Know this. I use to be a completionist in games, but as I've grown older I've just found goofing off in games to be more relaxing. maybe that's the reason I like Kenshi. I can just mess around for hours doing stupid crap in a pseudo world of my design. Without the hassle of a game timer telling me I have to get something done before the time runs out. Who knows, Kenshi 2 might have what you want, but from what I've seen as far as its development it's going to be just a better version of the first Kenshi. Hopefully this answers something for you.
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