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  1. If load the 5.5.1 with these 39 Mods, the game may doen`t look well, And I have no idea where the error is, I can`t see the meaning of new virsion. the mask file is change for some mysterious reasons, and lactate.lua syntax error is still there, What? I am a Modpack maker, a editor for Mods-Magazine, maybe I can fix some little conflict between these Mods, but that`s just only a few few things I can do, so I need to stop at a version with more stable.
  2. I am not going to use the least sxb version, It doesn't compatible with the old sxb mods and just did many meaningless update.
  3. No, this is a bug of 5.5.1. In 5.1.0, it`s work well ↓ (V5.1.0) And the lactate syntax bug is still not been fixed. I can`t get any climax point in 5.5.1.
  4. And this, why she is always open her mouth?
  5. I think it doesn`t need any dependencies. so try to reinstall(?) your game.
  6. I don`t know what did you mean. My modpack`s file name is too long, and it`s already exceed 260 characters ?
  7. 我都没注意到有更新这个道具... 便利店中,前八个都是乳贴,R代表右胸,L代表左胸,第九个的效果则是移除使用者身上的乳贴。
  8. this mod doesn`t working in higher sexbound vision
  9. but now it doesn`t working anymore..
  10. When I testing these Mods, I didn`t found any bug.
  11. when player walk around on the planet the bug happens: no such spawntype : bigbropumpkin and player will be kicked to ship
  12. new vision is already, i fixed a lot wrong in of introduce file, update 2 MOD, and adds 2 new MOD now i`m try to get the apprvel to update with new MOD
  13. 乳酸 if your climax bar isn`t working . replace the [SXB\scripts\sexbound\plugins\lactate\lactate] by this one!
  14. the problem has been solved! thank
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