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  1. Why is that? Can you elaborate? That is, if you dont mind of course.
  2. There is an older mod here called DWToska or something like that which lets you rape prisoners an courtiers. Maybe try that. Works with Carnalitas. You'll just have two options to rape.
  4. Hi, nice Mod. I like the Idea. But while it makes the People between regions look different, inside the regions they look very samey. I just clicked through Arabia and Africa. They do not look anywhere alike between those two regions but inside Arabia or inside Africa they all look too same-ish. Maybe make the Phenotype less prevalent? But I would have certainly never seen these faces in base game. Keep it up. I would love to see how this mod will look in the future
  5. Before you do this make sure that you delete the old version in your mod folder and delete the mod in your launcher in manage mods and then clicking on the small X on the right side of the mod slide. 1.) So you download the mod and open the zip. 2.) In there are two files. A folder and a txt (?). you move both folders to your mod folder in CK3 folder like any normal mod. 3.) at the top of your folder window is a filepath (C:\Users\(USER)\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod for me) 4.) right click that and click (Copy adress) 5.) Open the dollars
  6. You go into the .mod file and change the filepath (?) to match yours. The right mod was then at the the bottom at my load order. (I also had to delete the "old" mod in the launcher and then reload the mods but dunno if this is important)
  7. The button doesnt show up.
  8. Somehow your mod prevents you from choosing the life path for your child when they become 6 y/o and them then getting their education trait at 16 y/o.
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