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  1. Guys i found a V3 of the T bikini, don't know if there's any difference but here it is anyways. SION Iback V3 black_P.pak
  2. Yeah that's the book, in the costume tab is the second book for me i think i might be missing some books, sorry.
  3. Hey guys, i found this at the japanese website, i think someone shared this already, but just in case i'll share it here. It includes 3 versions of the armor and a retexture for the hair. If there is any problem let people know. SIO_CB1_Stripped.rar
  4. How far can the shield be from her arm? because a solution that some developers use is to pull something they want to hide really far from the character and hide it underground, so even if atached to the character you will never see it because the character can't jump higher than where the object is hidden. Not sure if that would work here though.
  5. There already is a mod to remove Rin's book, it removes the second book. ToA_NNA_BOK_001_remove.pak
  6. Unfortunately yeah there's no full nude Kisara, at least not a high quality one, the very first nude mod that came out have all characters nude, but it's not that good. I'm also waiting for a high quality full nude Kisara.
  7. If you tried both versions and still have the same problem, there's the tactical version on discord by Pizzatime.
  8. And for the boys Work for the boys.zip
  9. Also this, for Shionne and Kisara.Same deal as before, if you find any problems let people know. Shionne and Kisara Work.zip
  10. I've found this over there, any interest. Don't know if there's any problem with it, if you find anything wrong with it make sure to let people know. Shionne T bikini.zip Shionne T bikini V2.rar
  11. Man this looks fantastic, good job. Also, can this be use as base for a fully nude mod for Shione and Kisara? The finer, aham... parts of this model looks amazing.
  12. I think there are three version, one for Scarlet, one for white dress, and one for both. check the version you have.
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