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  1. so u can play sexlab/SLAL animations? i used OSA recently and was great for all my poser mods so this mod will allow OSA to play all animations from sexlab or SLAL packs? i removed OSA for not being able to play animations. does osa also work with more nasty critters?
  2. G'day fellas, hope you guys are safe and healthy, just wondering if you can use SEXLAB/ SLAL animations and poses with OSA/0SEX? is it worth upgrading from SEXLAB to OSA/0SEX? can i use fusion girl body in Fallout 4 with uni-boob? cheers
  3. why does she have a pencil neck
  4. you need to work on not deforming the rigged mesh when posing/animating.
  5. so why don't we have to make an account or pay for it. is this shit cracked?
  6. Oh nice thank you Error404Phillps, I have the same mod but they looked different in your screens. I hope there will be a more detailed foot model for sims 4 since there is for bodies.
  7. so it's normal for the in-game results to differ from the bodyside preview? I guess the weights of the skeleton can produce this idk I cannot use ZAZ's skeleton cos I use CBBE and he mentioned in the description it's only compatible with fusion girl and body talk as for your query about the triangle, you can just click in the middle of it
  8. hello, my sliders look different ingame. in-game my character looks to skinny (lowest weight) and weird on (middleweight). The bodyside preview is the look I want for my character in-game I use CBBE and Commonwealth Shorts, tried Knee Fix and No Collapsed Butt and Chest skeletons with the same issue. cheers
  9. next time it will be a good idea to comment your code when sending it to someone. we don't know what your code does
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