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  1. I skipped a bit through SexLabs documentation and I think AnimSlots are only for humans. There is a function in SexLabFramework called GetCreatureAnimationsByRace(int ActorCount, Race RaceRef). In fact there are many of GetCreatureAnimation functions for different needs in SexLab, you might want to see for yourself which one you want to use.
  2. Animations is an array, so Length should return the amount of elements in it. This returns an array of all available animations for the given actors. So Length is the amount of available animations. This checks if the array is empty (no animations available) and if so reduces the aggressor count by 1, to search for animations for one less actor. It sort of does, there is just an issue with it. In stage 4 you only reload the animation list for your current aggressor count. Then in stage 5 if your list is empty you reduce the count by 1. But you never
  3. When you replace the body with one that is weighted to the jiggle bones it does not automatically weight other objects, like the nipple covers, to those bones. You can try to edit the mesh in Outfit Studio. Note that there is a difference here between BodySlide and Outfit Studio. The one where you build the armors in is BodySlide, it has a small button in the bottom right to open Outfit Studio. Once in there press "File -> Import -> From NIF" and import your armor. In the list on the top right click the body and click "Set Reference", then right click the nipple covers and
  4. Clothed in any clothed or in the ones that come with the mod? Physics actually apply to the skeleton file. The butt/boobs then jiggle if they're weighted to the specific bones. If now in some mesh parts are weighted to the butt-jiggle-bone, but not to the boobs-jiggle-bone then only the butt will jiggle on that mesh. That's most likely what caused the issue for the armor remodel mod. Now if you only tried the follower with her naked body and her outfit that might still be the case. Try equipping another armor on her. To fix that would require reweighting the bone weights in Outfit Studi
  5. I've just skipped through the zadLibs documentation and read a comment that you should now use formlists for random picks. I wrongly assumed DD would already come with preset formlists. Apparently it doesn't. So you'll have to create your own formlist for all the devices you want to be eligible for the random pick.
  6. The problem might be in the ArmorAddon forms here. If two armoraddons overlap in a slot only the one with the higher priority gets to display it's objects of that slot, even if the mesh doesn't have any. In other words: I guess you'll have to edit the esp for this.
  7. DeviceInventory is of type Armor. You shouldn't be able to compile your script in the first place if you try to pass a keyword to it. If you want a random device use the formlists given in the DD esp. If they contain some devices you don't like make a copy of the formlist and delete all the ones you don't like, so you have a custom formlist.
  8. Personally I'd do that by importing the .obj file of the body into Outfit Studio and then copy the bone weights from an existing body. It's really easy.
  9. I don't think you need SKSE for that. There is a Perk Entry Point called "Set Sweep Attack" which is used for the Two Handed Sweep perk. If you write a small script to set a GlobalValue on button down/up to 1 and 0 you can then put that into the Conditions of the Perk Entry. The harder part will probably be finding animations that look like something that should sweep as striking downwards like the vanilla standing power attack doesn't quite look like it.
  10. There are two key differences here though. 1) He's not talking about a kid, but about a sibling. What content this sibling is or is not allowed to see is ultimately the decision of the parents, not him. 2) If your kids decide they want to play the game with WW that's voluntarily. If they stumble upon your screenshots through account sharing that's not the case.
  11. Is your CK installed into the same directory as Skyrim? Also you're using the CK 64-bit, which afaik is for SE, but this is the LE technical support. Are you using Skyrim LE or SE?
  12. Due to the way that race works it is not possible to use custom armors without patches, since a modification of the Armor forms is required to use the female mesh on a male character. There is a patch for the TERA armors in the optional files of the Femboy Race, though, but you can't use it for most custom armors.
  13. Did you try increasing the search radius in the copy bone weights popup? Bone weights are only copied from nearby vertices, if there aren't any none will be copied.
  14. Haven't tested it myself but other users have confirmed that previous versions were compatible.
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