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  1. Version 20161204


    THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF redneck2x's LOVER'S COMFORT. For the original mod, see http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/160-wip-sexlab-lovers-comfort-2013-12-30/ permissions granted according to the licence "Do whatever you want with the mod." RELEASE CANDIDATE No RC is currently available. FEATURES (FROM THE ORIGINAL) Lover's Comfort - triggers sex with your spouse then you go to sleep at the same house. Follower's Comfort - get to know your follower from new perspective. NPC's Comfort - Married/Lovers NPC will occasionally comfort each other at night. Also Jarls and
  2. Version 0.5a (2016-03-19)


    THIS IS CURRENTLY NOT WORKING / DON'T USE UNTIL THIS MESSAGE IS REMOVED Heroine in Distress — Alpha v0.5. NB: I only recommend running this on new games, characters you don't want or are happy to go back to an earlier save. DESCRIPTION How much trouble can you get yourself into? After helping out a grumpy researcher, you find yourself trapped underground with only your wits to save you. Can you find you way out, and who, or what, is behind it all? FEATURES Spiders*. Trouble. Trouble with spiders*. Depravity. * At least 4 spiders guaranteed. WHAT'S NEW
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