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  1. What animations you using in these videos?
  2. Hi I have issue with EVG conditional idles https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/34006?tab=description (downloaded it and its requirements) When I load my save it says: ''Too Many animation files. 1790/16384 actors/character/defaultfemale.hkx'' (also had error for male) anyone have any experience with this mod? Is it simply that I have too many generic animations or do I have potentially some idle animations that I should try to delete? I tried to disable all my idle animations and run FNIS XXL but no luck.
  3. What kind of values you use for thighs and butt movement?
  4. I managed to get fresh save working just fine but old saves seems to crash :( Ah well...
  5. I'm using MO2. I did find the notification thing that tells one about errors. I disabled all mods with DLL files that gave error but I get no luck of game staying up. Is and where possibly is the way to filter all DLL files/mods you have on MO2? (just found the error DLL ones).
  6. So my game keeps crashing after I updated it to latest versio. I assume I have some incomparable mods that require updating, is there any way to see crash logs? I ran resaver, but it didn't help either. Game just CTD without any notice after a while I managed to load new animations for SL. I get this in console in game then within like 10s I crash: What are the best ways to progress here? I updated several mods already that I think were the most important ones and now that game launches one would think it should be compatible. I also updated AnimalSOS even tho it complains. I did similar process good 6-7 months ago without any problems, odd I get one here.
  7. Hey, do you have any plans for the anus for future releases? (to make it to react on physics).
  8. Does this require latest versio of skse/other mods? Im still using previous SE versio and doesn't seem all increasing sliders work for me. Worked on some older versio.
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