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  1. Just the SexLab Framework according to the download page.
  2. I would be fine with an MCM that would allow these to be disabled. From a computer science and programming background (though no experience creating mods) splitting off the code might give you less problems in the long run.
  3. I'm staying with the previous version for now - I'm using this mod for the comments. Warnings, bounties, and the potential ideas presented for the mod really seems like what should be a separate mod - like a Fame Side Effects kind of mod - where physical actions based on your sexual fame take place.
  4. I seem to be stuck, playing a male - the Sybil has had two episodes of Dibella speaking through her, with the latest being to trust Senna, but the Senna has no dialog for how the Sybil is doing. The Sybil is still considered a novice. She's wearing the chain mail bikini like outfit with the black hood and metal looking blindfold. The Dibella statue is groping herself and masturbating. Am I missing something else or is something broken?
  5. Once in a while, Skyrim will freeze up on me, and while I can Alt-Tab to select a different window that is running, Windows will never go to that window and selecting the X for Skyrim in an attempt to close it that way doesn't work. I end up having to reboot. Does anyone have another trick for closing Skyrim that doesn't need a forced shutdown/reboot?
  6. @ChrisHPZ - wherever you want the party to be. I usually do it in a house.
  7. Make sure you are asking someone that has the rank of lover.
  8. @Aylis, I'm not seeing TBPainterlyCumTexture from the 2.1.6 update (post 2196) in the Modlist. Am I just blindly going over it every time I look?
  9. @koamq Actually, thanks for the Linux information. My Linux box doesn't have a powerful enough graphics card, but I didn't think MO2 could run through WINE. Good to know what does and doesn't work.
  10. @AlexSenpai - I had to disable SOSRaceMenu.esp to get the dragon potions to affect cock size.
  11. Once you have someone of a Lover status, you can ask them to organize a sex party. It's different from just spontaneous group sex.
  12. Thanks, Aylis. I'll work on that once I figure out why my character can't move. Probably need to turn off a lot of mods until I get the hell of Helgen.
  13. @Aylis - Rudy ENB mentions installing ELE - SE, ELFX SE or RLO SE - I did not see any of these in the list (except a screenshot comparison between RLO and Luminosity) - so Luminosity can be used in place of these? Or which are you using? Then "Use ELFX with Enhancer" and "Place the Interior Lighting mod after the Weather mod in your load order" are also mentioned - leaving a bit confused on how to truly install Ruby ENB! Can you offer some clarity here? Thanks!
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