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  1. new version of my faster licence check: (no longer modifies the .esp) Sexlab Survival SSE 0.662 Beta - Hang on a Second there fix.7z REQUIRES: my modified version of po3's PapyrusExtenderSSE:
  2. i mean that could be it, but it could be a couple of other things as well: i'd assume that it is in fact Racemenu (or rather the underlying SKSE library skee64.dll) acting up. Or to be more precise, not RM/skee itself, but something interacting with it. That could either be: a papyrus script (more likely in my experience) another .dll interacting with skee64.dll (less likely in my experience) in the first case IMO the best step would be to search for scripts calling any skee/NiOverride functions inside your Data\Scripts folder. If you want you can zip that folder and send it to me or search for skee strings, such as "NiOverride" or "AddSkinOverride" inside the compiled .pex scripts. (edit: forgot to mention: it could also be called from a script inside a .bsa archive) also: the AddSkinOverride method can replace the base specular map on a mesh -> if that function is being called on your character, then filling up RM body overlays will not fix your issue as the base textures were replaced. also also: that's precisely how the wet function mod works: instead of adding RM overlays it literally swaps out your regular body textures for more glossy ones.
  3. Well, worst case it wasn't that much + i learnt something. Anyhow: diff: i have a few papyrus questions: The AddArmorOfTypeToList has a bunch of optional arguments, the last one (aiSlotsToSkip) is a List. Function AddArmorsOfTypeToList(ObjectReference akRef, Formlist akList, int afArmorType, bool abNoEquipped = true, bool abNoFavorited = false, bool abNoQuestItem = false, int[] aiSlotsToSkip = None) global native However if i call that function without setting aiSlotsToSkip a warning is being printed in the papyrus log (which i find annoying) -> i added a dummy variable 'int[] emptyIntArray' which i currently fill in the PlayerLoadsGame() function: Function PlayerLoadsGame() + ;TODO: check if this is a good place to init the array + ; or if it's even worth it to use a variable instead of using "Utility.CreateIntArray(0)" for every call + emptyIntArray = Utility.CreateIntArray(0) LicNameMaintenance() EndFunction Well, the comments kinda spoil my question: is this a good place to initialize that variable? 2nd question: whats the best way to throw an error/exception here: +Form Function getItemFromContainer(Form aform, int aipos) + if aform as ObjectReference + return (aform as ObjectReference).GetNthForm(aipos) + elseif aform as FormList + return (aform as FormList).GetAt(aipos) + endif + Debug.Notification("getItemFromContainer failed to parse aform") + ;TODO: throw error +EndFunction (If aform is something other than an ObjectReference/Formlist then either i have f'd up or skyrim is dying) Last question: i had to add the following formlist property to the .esp s.t. i can keep the script compatible with both oldrim and SSE: -> allows for minimal edits in the individual functions, e.g. HasMagicItem() diff: kind of a two part question: Could you add that property to the _SLS_LicenceUtil script inside the _SLS_LicenceQuest quest for potential future releases? BTW: Do you know of a way to concatenate/append arrays to one another and/or initialize FormLists without them being properties? Last but not least the downloads: Built upon SL-Survival 0.662 Beta, no guaranties that it works with any other version: (actually i'm 99% sure it won't work with another version, due to the .esp change) Sexlab Survival SSE 0.662 Beta - Hang on a Second there fix.7z REQUIRES: my modified version of po3's PapyrusExtenderSSE: Papyrus Extender SSE - 4.5.1+AddArmorsOfTypeToArray_List.7z (know C++? check if my code is decent enough for a pull request on github: klick me) EDIT: I knew i would forget something: There's one "issue": The checks are now so fast that most of the time the force greet doesn't fire at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ papyrus logs seem fine though. As in: if i alt-tab and peek into the papyrus.log i see a new _SLS_: Licence infraction type: -2. Mandatory restraints level: 0. Is properly restrained: TRUE which tells me that the code is working. Plus: if i actually remove all licences and add a bunch of clothing it does take up to ~15 secs for the enforcer to dismiss me again. EDIT EDIT: for users: if after having installed my fixes the enforcers still need a lot of time to process your inventory, it could be due to 2 reasons i think: you have a lot of clothing but no magic licence you have a bikini licence and a lot of bikini armors
  4. Thanks 🤪 Oof, hopefully it's the LE version that's buggy.... Nevertheless i'll probably still look at the source code, because i'd really like to make these functions Form[] Function AddClothingToArray(ObjectReference akRef, int afArmorType, bool abNoEquipped = true, bool abNoFavorited = false, bool abNoQuestItem = false) Form[] Function AddLightArmorToArray(ObjectReference akRef, int afArmorType, bool abNoEquipped = true, bool abNoFavorited = false, bool abNoQuestItem = false) Form[] Function AddHeavyArmorToArray(ObjectReference akRef, int afArmorType, bool abNoEquipped = true, bool abNoFavorited = false, bool abNoQuestItem = false) instead of getting all armor and then filtering by weight class. whilst i have your attention: I was one of the persons who had crashes induced by enforcers and have been running _sls_lictowncheck.pex script with the (de)spawns disabled since ~ mid june: Since then i haven't had a single enforcer induced crash Not sure if this is because of the spawning or despawning of the enforcers though last but not least: psc and pex attached below: edit: this should go without saying: your mod -> do whatever you want with them _SLS_LicenceUtil.psc _SLS_LicenceUtil.pex (i could also do a runtime check via "SKSE.GetVersion() > 1" to check during runtime if the scripts are being executed by oldrim or SSE? saving this link for later: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=SKSE_Script)
  5. finally was annoyed enough by the "hold on a second there princess. one moment while i check your licenses." dialogue to do something about it: needs po3's papyrus extender 4.4+ (AddItemsOfTypeToArray function to be specific) (only available for SSE afaik, sorry) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22854 Only did very brief testing with sword/armor/magic, so far everything's working, mostly posting to ask @Monoman1 for permission to upload a compiled pex to the SSE thread. here's a diff: also also: if i get permission: looking for beta testers who are not that afraid borking their savegame
  6. fyi: if it really is a broken RM preset: You can open the .jslot in e.g. notepad++, ctrl+f search for ".dds" -> find all in current document and then delete the broken entry. Or upload/pm me the preset and i'll take a look. (Is it even the preset now or is it the xing-collision-ring that's buggy?)
  7. nope, still not working, same error in the papyrus log. However upon gameload, i still get these errors: Error: Unable to link type of variable "::brottvar_var" on object "SF_hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep_042714BB" Error: Unable to link type of property "brottvar" on object "SF_hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep_042714BB" Unable to bind script SF_hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep_042714BB to (222714BB) because their base types do not match So i at least think, that the scripts also reference brottvar -> need to change those as well. Do you think there also could be an issue with the scene/scripts being partially in the savefile?
  8. Nope, the papyrus log tells us, that hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep is not a valid object. (which also explains why the console command startscene XX2714bb fails.) The stacktrace just tells us which functions succeeded before the erroneous function call. -> OnActivate() still executed "normally" until it hit line #21 (or line #14 in the decompiled version) where it tried to run ForceStart() on the invalid object hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep. quick peek in xEdit, shows that hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep [SCEN:222714BB] has a couple of erroneous object references in it's scripts, maybe that has something to do with this? Nevertheless, i'm still going to check this later: edit: nope, the RentroomBedActivator alias was correctly set to XX640A6D: Thanks for the help (and the patches and the guide )
  9. also cannot sleep in the suite, relevant papyrus log snippet: Error: SF_hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep_042714BB.ForceStart() being called on an invalid object, aborting function call stack: [alias RentroomBedActivator on quest hp_sw_hall (221856FF)].hp_sw_hall_rentroombed_sc.OnActivate() - "hp_sw_hall_rentroombed_sc.psc" Line 21 decompiled the relevant script with champollion: 1 scriptName hp_sw_hall_rentroombed_sc extends ReferenceAlias 2 3 ;-- Properties -------------------------------------- 4 scene property hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep auto 5 6 ;-- Variables --------------------------------------- 7 8 ;-- Functions --------------------------------------- 9 10 function OnActivate(ObjectReference ak) 11 12 | if ak == game.getplayer() as ObjectReference 13 | | if !ak.GetCurrentScene() 14 | | | hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep.ForceStart() 15 | | endIf 16 | endIf 17 endFunction 18 19 ; Skipped compiler generated GotoState 20 21 ; Skipped compiler generated GetState so, line #14 seems to be failing for whatever reason. FormID of hp_sw_hall_inroom_sleep is xx2714BB.
  10. cMfkFGP.mp4 o7 edit: should mention that i was using a diy SSE conversion of STA v4.7 beta for the past 2 months. edit²: that reminded me: i also removed the dummy NPC _STA_PlayerDuplicate from the esp, as i had issues with ingame NPCs attacking the dummy NPC. IIRC it was only during **some** SexLab scenes (i wanna say the problem was with NPCs from the bandit faction specifically, such as the bandits from devious carriages or a quest form confabulation with bandits located near riverwood) edit³: just checked with sseEdit: my old v4.5 STA install had the _STA_PlayerDuplicate deleted from it's .esp, the v4.7 SSE install i was using for the past two months had said NPC actor _not_ deleted. Maybe i just haven't had a lot of "engagements" with bandits in the past 2 months 🤷‍♂️. Also should mention that @Nymra originally came up with said workaround of deleting the playerDuplicate as a fix for the bug of bystanding NPCs engaging the invisible _STA_PlayerDuplicate NPC.
  11. FYI: i don't think your stickied post from your signature has a link to that mediafire folder.
  12. Did the following: started SSE 10 times total, five times with the original lictowncheck script, five times with the RandomizeEnforcers() commented out script: with the original script i had a crash every time exiting "gray pine goods", going into falkreath with the enforcer (de)spawn disabled i had 0 crashes exiting pine goods. So hopefully it was the enforcer (de)spawn causing this crash. Oh and btw: because i was getting crashes with min/max enforcer count set to 0 anyways, i've been playing with min/max enforcer count set to 5 for the last week or so. (may be of relevance on loaded cells, such as falkreath probably was during the .pex script swap)
  13. well with a sample size of 1 that seems to have fixed it (workarounded? it) as in: i no longer get a crash on exiting "gray pine goods" from that save, where previously my game would always crash (unless i teleported the two mentioned enforcer to my location beforehand) edit: more testing tomorrow (hopefully)
  14. regarding the enforcer CTD bug: (disclaimer: currently slightly drunk) hypothesis: it is not (directly) the enforces themselves, but a script doing something with the enforcers my suspicion: the spawn/despawn script (_SLS_LicTownCheck.psc, possibly line #93 Function RandomizeEnforcers()) multiple reasons as to why i think it has something to do with enforcers (de-)spawning: when i had the min/max enforcer count set to 0 the CTD still happened (doing a little testing at that time revealed, that for a brief period i could see an enforcer on screen, just before SSE crashed (thanks nvidia shadowplay ^^ )) teleporting the enforcer which caused the (via netscriptframework determined) CTD to my current location never resulted in a CTD in itself. the way enforcers are enabled/disabled in RandomizeEnforcers() seems, how should i put this, not error-prone in itself, but it may clash with some SKSE .dll plugins which hack into the game itself and may not expect an NPC to immediately be disabled the moment said NPC appeared ingame (that being said, i've never seen a .dll be the cause of an survival enforcer induced crash, it was always skyrimSE.exe itself, although i'm not sure that can be 100% trusted) well, my 2 (or 3) cents on that matter. again, disclaimer: drunk (and way past ballmer peak 🤪) edit: i just had a CTD whenever i exited "gray pine goods" in falkreath, either because of XX05B7EF or XX05B289 (redguard and khajit enforcer in falkreath) if i however, first "prid <id>" and "moveto player" INSIDE "gray pine goods" and then exit gray pine goods i no longer had that CTD. this is so weird... inb4 it's something entirely unrelated to enforcer and it just so happens that enforcers pop up in the netscriptframework crash log 🙃
  15. just as an FYI: i believe bodygen does pretty much the same? e.g.: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/38244 also bodygen is part of racemenu, the above linked mod just provides the configuration files for body randomization.
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