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  1. @Corsayr apparently i made a seperate .esp instead of hotpatching the ussep .esp back in august last year -> see attached file. Hopefully that fixes the wait-i-know-you bug. Let me know. guard-fix.esp
  2. i believe this is what you're talking about: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/4978860-unofficial-skyrim-special-edition-patch/page-853#entry84628088 posted that more than half a year ago on the ussep posts section (because ussep does not have a bugs section 🤬) to quote myself: The 00020F9A response has an unnecessary "Subject.GetPCIsSex(Male)" condition, which results in the "Wait, i know you" bug, mentioned here: http://en.uesp.net/w...yrim:Crime#Bugs Deleting this condition, fixes this bug. Would be great if this could be incl
  3. Humble feature requests: a) display apropos2 wear and tear the following functions from the apropos2actors.psc may be of interest: String Function GetWearTearOral(Actor anActor) String Function GetWearTearVaginal(Actor anActor) String Function GetWearTearAnal(Actor anActor) Displayed as follows maybe: "W&T: O: <oralvalue>, V: <vaginalValue>, A: <analValue>" Should be accessible via the actorslib property: Apropos2Actors Property ActorsLib Auto b) add a hotkey to just display the ShowStatusMenu() Totally understandable if you're
  4. when using the MCM safeword, a bunch of racemenu body/face overlays get removed as well. Is this a known bug?
  5. did you ever solve this? Have the same issue.
  6. was trying to trigger the DCL prison, which proofed a bit difficult, so i peeked into the code: Three code pieces of interest: 266 Function CalcOutcome(Actor who)|| [...] 13 | If BountyViolent > 1500.0 14 | | CalcOutcomeViolent(who)| 15 | | isViolentCrime = True 16 | Else| | 17 | | if BountyPetty < 25.0 18 | | | isVeryMinorOffense = True 19 | | EndIf 20 | | CalcOutcomePetty(who)| 21 | EndIf 64 Function CalcOutcomeViolent(Actor who)| 1 | ; 9.0: let's reduce the overall visits to the prison a bit. No automatic
  7. first of all: thanks for the guide! (and the BSG reference :D) i was under the impression that niftools requires blender 2.79 or lower, does niftools now work with the newest version of blender (2.92 as of writing) as well? edit: well, one peek into the changelog later: Port to 2.8+ so yay ^^ (still: only LE formatted .nif's supported -> SSE .nifs need to be converted to LE format via SSE Nif Optimizer prior to importing them to blender)
  8. FYI: 3BAv2 is up, with ~45-50 new sliders Can you conform those sliders onto these piercings? btw: i believe the belly bone weight was not perfectly copied over? probably doesn't hurt to recopy bone weights from 3BAv2 if you're doing the sliders in any case: thanks for the mod
  9. i did have papyrus logging enabled, but that should not stop an init event from firing, no? Did not manually start the quest.
  10. you obviously don't have to answer, but: have you heard from grummkol more recently than dec. 9th?
  11. @zarantha it believe you got your numbers mixed up: 3BA has 1.5m views, and "only" 500k downloads nevertheless: what should also be considered is that 3ba has cbbe se as a dependency -> every single 3ba download has at least one cbbe-se download is grummkol still working on 3BA bodyslide files ? Last time grummkol signed in was december last year. And the last update to those files is 1 year and 1 day old.... (reported a bug with the restricted gloves e.g. in august last year, fixed it for myself) If you want i can also start working on 3BA bodyslides on my s
  12. @Xiaron just looked into the scripts, yep, it has the following animation filters: AnimFilter = "Blowjob,Aggressive" @Shadox i believe your RegisterForModEvent("HookAnimationEnd", "OnAnimationEnd") in kmodslquest may be not firing, because a) my character was stuck on act=2 b) oninit should be an event, but is a function c) oninit is a bit flaky, as in it only fires under certain conditions, specified here: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=OnInit fixed this, by writing this function in kmodslquest.psc: 18 function registerForAnimatio
  13. just a general question about radiant prostitution: does it determine the gender by using the Sexlab.GetGender(actor) function or does it use the vanilla skyrim getgender function? Because at least for me all futas should have a male sexlab gender anyways (i think).
  14. Been working on Wigs to headpart converter scripts the past few weekends, to get this mod as regular hairs in yps. A pre-release version of one of those 3 mods is available here: edit: file is up on the mod page for creating the necessary .json files for yps if anyone wants to volunteer the scripts to convert an armor-piece wig to a HDPT hair are here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46971 nexus seems to flag the uploaded .exe file as malicious, presumable because it's been built with pyinstaller, see here: https://github.com/pyinstalle
  15. Strapons don't use any of the SOS settings, instead you'll have to build the desired shape you want in bodyslide. Technically a sexlab strapon is, well, a strapon. It does not magically change size.
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