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  1. Ugg well Free daily but I still hate Koroko. Can't remember is there a mod for this one?
  2. Wow second copy and form free daily, was honestly expecting Lei Fang she loves me. Any way any one else not able to toggle through the outfits with X,Z etc. I cant even toggle the option on.
  3. Welp not who I wanted (Monica I know I'm greedy) this is your well tec 3rd (got school girl twice) second so Im good, got Fionna Devil from the ticket right after the Marie Hmmm. After getting my 3rd non rate up 5* in FEH on there collab banner this is nice. Also got 2 SR card collab card things so there is that. And Ya the Sexy Teacher mod broke. Total Cost 30k Vstones now wait for Mod
  4. Well second Multi not Monika. 5th Multi she actually crashed the gacha and game (she tesed me in the 4th free multi SR). I did it.😭 I got burned in FEBH, spent everything I had and more to get the collab char I didn't want and my third copy of some one I don't use(Rate up is a lie), just for my sis to get it In one free shot(she always gets who I want without trying) Now to wait for mod. Edit: Well I did 2 more multis too get the Ticket and well can't win them all.
  5. Mah Its fine I've been on this forum before it became mod only discussions. Besides its dead most of the time anyway and most of the time I just show what I got and say thx for mods. Also Gacha is the action the Banner is where you pull from, or at least thats the term for them anyway.
  6. I c so I was right aw man and naw F reddit man. Also what would you call them if not Banners? Besides Minazuki and knight like to see my horriable gacha rolls and see me suffer. But not today just did 3 multi and on the third I just got all the Jet Girls skins and a new SSR in Senran Kagura game muhahahahah. Cost me 150 all i got but i did it yay free 4 shot. Thx tho.
  7. O I wasted half my stones 50k-25k. I did 1 multi each cept the Alien one did a couple, I got nothing but SR Kokoro almost each banner. I didn't even want to roll, was try to get the waste stones for exchange ticket quest just to realize, I can do it on the next banner. I thought it ended on this one. The quest does continue to next banner right.
  8. Well I did 2 Multis to try and get Marie, didn't get her but fin the mission to spend hearts for the Ticket, as much as I want Marie I got to save for the next Monica Banner. Maybe I'll get her with a red ticket, tho I didn't get her with 9. On a brighter note I got Hokusai, cost me 330 SQ but I got her.
  9. Ummmm this was the free multi........ Guess she didn't want to be out done huh. Mod? or is this New. MAn Yesterday I got X-mas Tharja with 1 free ticket.... Maybe I should of did one multi for Eresh... Man I hope I get Hokusai now. 430SQ...
  10. Ugg Been sick these past three days so haven't been around. Still no Monica may get 1 more multi but just wanted to say thx for the mods Minazuki, if only i was as cool as they are hahahahah stupid fever.
  11. Dang It, first 10 tickets Hitomi, then a Nightmare (Don't know wtf happened) Then Cool, Then Really Hitomi Again. Then wrong Blonde. Sigh Every other roll was a SSR just no Monica, 40k & 20 Tickets. Bring on the MODS(T T) FFS Add Honoka twice too, 1 from the 12% and then right after X-mas ffs, No pic too many already. Now FionaX2
  12. Been there got that (Ayane) for me it was 4/17, this is one of the few GSSRs that I don't have alot of the swimsuits which is nice. Kanna was first now Marie, next Monica.
  13. Well I guess I can't complain........ Not Monica tho. 3 more tickets and I can try again.
  14. Stupid Question why can't I seduce my mother, it works for sisters.
  15. Meh sad but I can completely see that as the reason. So when do we get Kokoro's Mom she ain't in the games anymore.
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