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  1. Ya I just started playing Sword this happens to me too. Did you find a fix by chance? EDIT: Never mind I figured it out you just need to equip skinny jeans and buy thigh-high stocks.
  2. TBF I didn't just mean the game was easy but that there was not alot to do in it. It kinda held your had through the entire game. Go here then there etc. Also the lvls were pretty small in compared to previous games. I think Toy Story is the biggest lvl and Big Hero 6 was clearly a tack on. I never played the DLC wasn't worth the cost. My Sister hates 3 killed the franchise for her, that I got her into.
  3. Nope your wrong Disney now ownz KH. There is an interview with the Director stating it. It is also why there is no FF Characters in game. Gotta keep that Disney image squeaky clean. And that is why 3 sucked and was so easy.
  4. You got to get the updated ver for both of them it fixes the issue. So its just outdated.
  5. Muhahaha Cost 120k. PLZ no Azur Lane Collab next.


  6. So I have know clue whats wrong here. I even went so far as to Disable all my mods but this one and it still consists. I should mention that Luna works fine...... Also for some reason its worse when "SSR Soda Float marie nagisa kanna" is enabled. I also Know the common Ver. Nyo works, its just Sayuri. Also I just saw this as I was checking my mods on. This happen to any one else.
  7. So I was having problems with my Kanna Texture for w/e reason and just saw V4. Now V4 fixed the problem easy, but now I get this error. Do I need a new .dds file cause if I get rid of it I get more errors. I'll wait till I get a response before I update the rest, cause all the other skins still work so not much of a point.
  8. Ya I get what ya mean. Nude mods were in a drought till ppl started to charge for them lol. Then we get this site shilling the F out of them and saying No posting paid mods, cause Piracy. You know cause this website is the moral authority of us. I mean you can find alot of mods on Chi/Rus sites but they dangerous to your health. I bet soon this place will become like ULMF.
  9. Meh its not much the persona its that I would play and what skip everything cause I already played so much. I meant more That I built certain Personas certain ways and even with cheat engine still not worth to replay just for nudes maybe in another 5 years.
  10. Man I got mix feelings. I mean I do think everything should get nude mods now more than ever..... But I beat this game 5 times. I don't think a nude mod will make me play it all over again, esp without my Personas. Maybe if P5 Royal gets a PC port I'll play that with a nude mod.
  11. Ya i downloaded the free game and it won't even open for me. Sigh I really hate my computer.
  12. @alphaZomega actually if you played Resident Evil outbreak 1-2 you could unlock a bunny outfit for the char in-game, so its not weird at all just post 2015, that's why I said that lol.
  13. @alphaZomega Bee outfit is Super weird and out of nowhere. But why do I feel that this should of been an in game unlock-able. Tho this is 2020 and we can't have nice things.
  14. You can't do that its against the rules. The modder can somehow sue the forum. Don't ask me how but LL just covering there asses. This website has a no piracy policy for w/e reason.
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