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  1. Meh its not much the persona its that I would play and what skip everything cause I already played so much. I meant more That I built certain Personas certain ways and even with cheat engine still not worth to replay just for nudes maybe in another 5 years.
  2. Man I got mix feelings. I mean I do think everything should get nude mods now more than ever..... But I beat this game 5 times. I don't think a nude mod will make me play it all over again, esp without my Personas. Maybe if P5 Royal gets a PC port I'll play that with a nude mod.
  3. Ya i downloaded the free game and it won't even open for me. Sigh I really hate my computer.
  4. @alphaZomega actually if you played Resident Evil outbreak 1-2 you could unlock a bunny outfit for the char in-game, so its not weird at all just post 2015, that's why I said that lol.
  5. @alphaZomega Bee outfit is Super weird and out of nowhere. But why do I feel that this should of been an in game unlock-able. Tho this is 2020 and we can't have nice things.
  6. You can't do that its against the rules. The modder can somehow sue the forum. Don't ask me how but LL just covering there asses. This website has a no piracy policy for w/e reason.
  7. Umm here Its not exactly the same but the processes is similar and with pictures so It should help. Read page 2 for the pics. Just do what Nagasaki said but you don't have to repak it.
  8. You sir are taking on a heavy task, one of which many have given up. I wish you luck and good fortune in your en-devour. That said bonus for pubic hair, all these nude mods never do. I mean am I the only one who finds it weird that grown women don't have any down there. But then again I get erked if a characters bust size is bigger than the OG ver so ya.
  9. Well if that didn't work then you can try manually installing it, just back up your Natives folder. And the only other thing I can think of is the but jiggle. It might be a hex error, YOu might want to Reinstall the game then, try a clean save. Also I remembered something else you can try first, IF you turned off other mods to then replace this on. Try a new game and see if it loads the outfit then. It might be the save is looking for that old outfit. You can also turn the old mod on and then Manually install this mod and see if that does it.
  10. Ya the Natives folder is in the main game folder. Some mods even with Fluffy manager rewrite the natives folder. And when 2 conflicting mods conflict you can get your issue or the colour/checker pattern. You have to redownload the game or if you kept an un-modded ver of the game just replace it from there.
  11. Did you delete the Natives folder and use the default Ver. That happened to me. The only other thing I can think of is if its 4K-8K and you don't have 4K. This sorta happens in DOAXVV cause of high res skin textures.
  12. So still no pubes add-on yet or just not doing one. I just find it weird a grown woman with no hair down there. Tho it reminds me of the teacher from Kiss X Sis
  13. Boo another new character and this time she's a Gyaru. It looks like she as short as Marie, but with common body? Sigh I just want Tina and it would be nice to have a MILF where is Korokos Mom. Well better start saving.
  14. I think sharing paid mods even by PM is against the forum rules.... Tho PM a link to a site or google doc with said mods is in the grey area.
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