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    New Zealand
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    Gaming. Oblivion is a game I always find myself coming back to. Hundreds of hours were spent in Morrowind as well, but I haven't played that for a while. I had other interests, but narcolepsy put an end to those.
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    I have severe type 1 narcolepsy so I spend a lot of time asleep and dreaming. Waking up and coming back to the Real World (TM) is always a disappointment. Most of my past life is entirely forgettable and largely a waste of time so I won't mention it . I don't do social media so don't ask if I'm on Twit or Faceplant or Disgust or anything else.

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  1. One I found on a narcolepsy forum.
  2. Removing a bur from your arse. These prickly seeds can be found on some plants and will stick to your arse if you come into contact with them. It’s important to try to remove burrs as soon as possible. Besides being uncomfortable, they can become embedded in skin, which can lead to an infection.
  3. For those brought up in Britain and the British Commonwealth countries there is only one Eton. I had no difficulty understanding the joke.
  4. Yes I liked that one. Some great jokes get told about sleep on the narcolepsy forums I belong to.
  5. I really don't understand what was wrong with the jokes Grey Cloud posted and why you should have a problem with them.
  6. I do like those screenshots dogonporch, - especially the first one with it's nice shadows and subtle lighting.
  7. I did check first and DD can be played as a single player game.
  8. I've never been interested in MP games so I don't care about that. I would be buying Dragon's Dogma to play as a stand alone single player game.
  9. Dragon's Dogma is on GOG with all the DLC & etc so I might look at that. Not keen on anything that's on Steam so KoA is out.
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