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  1. what is that skin and for what class?
  2. this looks really good, cant wait till we can get it
  3. oh well still looks good anyway
  4. Niur usually has variants of his skins that are mildly pornographic, so i was wondering if these ones don't have those variants or if he hasn't made them yet?
  5. thanks for that, i didnt have the right mod and it works perfectly now. you all are amazing
  6. so whenever I try using these skins the result turns out like this and i was wondering if there was a fix for this it happens when i use the falconer skins that were posted earlier too, so I thought i would ask you all
  7. hey so iv seen that a couple people have had the problem that when you try to open the character sheet of some heroes it crashes to desktop. It also seems there isn't a fix for it yet so i was wondering if anyone had that it crashes when i open up the jester and falconer (not houndmaster though weirdly enough) if that helps if anyone has a fix i would appreciate it, iv had to uninstall the mod until i get it fixed
  8. thanks for that friend, it doesn't seem to let me download it (it errors it every time) is this a problem with me? i can download other mods posted like this so i don't know how to work around it
  9. Does anyone have the succubus class mod, i cant seem to find it on this thread or the nexus.
  10. Hey does anyone have a lamia skin mod in the vain of Niur's skins, with all the skin mods I have for all the characters she kinda sticks our now
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