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  1. I did not use the lock pick. Do i need some additional animations? I did not install yours.
  2. I am sitting automatically with Aeri, but after the dialogue nothing happen.
  3. I have problem with Pelagia Farm quest after bringing the goat home. When I enter home the dialogue start and after nothing happen. I have tried jumping but did not help. The hot fix button should show more options when clicked?
  4. @wm46 Thank you for this mod, i have converted it to oldrim and it is working fine except one thing: while adding(i dont know if removing too) i have terrible lags, about 10 fps but if i reload game it is working fine. Any ideas why it is so?
  5. I have problem with Slaverun and SL Survival, I am submissive enough, but when slaver ask me who am I and want to enslave me - nothing happen. With prequest I am not sure, because when I finish prequest by speaking with quard about slavery, nothing happen too, just quest ends. Anyone else had the same problem as mine?
  6. Hello, I wonder if there is any way to change the maximum tottoo slots in SlaveTats but in Skyrim SE. In LE it was straight forward, just change nioverride.ini, but in SE seems there is no nioverride.ini. As workaround I could change it in script but when I compile script there is an error about missing netimmersive and nioverride. How can I add thsese deps, I have tried to unpack RaceMenu.bsa file but it did not help. Edit: If anyone has the same problem as mine, the file you are looking for is skse/plugins/skee64.ini, the problem with nioverride and netimmersive is solved too, i needed to replace files in source/scripts with those in skse. But i wonder why scripts/source is not working but when i change it to source/script it is working?
  7. Hi, if I get the "Bruiser's Mysterious Thing" by dialogue, and then I put it somewhere, will I get back all dialogue options? If not can I somehow restore those dialogues?
  8. Hello, i have problem with the two rapsists, when i am leaving the tavern with Kili, i am telling her that i need to go, then when i am taling with them and i want to fight, they are killing me and latest save is loading. How can i fix that? Edit: I have "fixed" it just by setting my character health to 1, maybe it might be helpful for someone
  9. Thanks for the answer! I guess you don't know how long is the timer? And one more thing, which dialog start the timer? The first time when we talk to Ikol? Edit: nvm i did it i used commands to do that... i mean i was teleporting to each npc. Thank you!
  10. Hello, there is some way to get Cooli and cheesemonger scenes? When I deal with the pirates and help cheesemonger, the crates dialog is unavailble.
  11. For everyone who has problem with physics, remember about new XPMSSE update... 😂🌴
  12. As I good remember at first time when I was trying to get this to work I had some problems too. Now unfortunately I have the setup broken because I am trying to get these morphs to working. But one thing i had to change as I good remember was hdtPhysics_preload.txt to hdtSSEPhysics_preload.txt. And one more thing, I don't know why, but the physics active only when you change location. In my case I am using mod to skipping intro and I ending up in cave where physics doesn't works, but when I leave cave everything works.
  13. @Kokan It works for you without any more modifications? I am using racemenu, and there is no "Morph" settings like in cbbe. I have done all like @Sakatraka said.
  14. @Sakatraka Thanks for that, it's working properly. But I have one small problem with that, the in-game morphs aren't working, I have tried this guide but it seems it doesn't working with that. Any solution for that? And yes, i have built the morphs in BodySlide. Best regards.
  15. Hi, i have some problems with implementing own collisions to SMP. As i good understand, to add new collision for example calf, FIRST(i know there is muuch more steps) i need to add properly collision mesh? If yes, how should I do it? I tried to use 3ds max 2016 with nif importer-exporter plugin, but once while while exporting the Bodyslide SMP mesh occure error - no message, and once the mesh looks like cheese, the mesh is deformed. Greetings.
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