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  1. More Masturbation animations! Especially for guys. Not sure if its possible to make foreskin (if they have any) move. Also just one where they are sitting on the sofa lounging watching TV but with there hands down their trousers playing with their soft dick...
  2. Yes! Seems a bit sudden doesn’t it lol!
  3. I love WW and the amazing animations that people have made! But I am looking for something that I don't think has been made. I want a teasing option for both male and female sims for them to just play with their junk. So like just with their hands down their trousers just kinda groping... because lets be honest this is something that happens IRL! So for instance I could make my sims just have their hand on their junk or mindlessly play with it whilst watching TV or showering, or lying on their beds, or just stood up.... this could then progress on to masturbation or not. I would also love
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