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  1. I dont know why but i cant seem to build outfits of my preferred preset. I am using this mod (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15108-fusion-girl-175-conversion-devious-devices/). Edit : I added FGDeviousDevices group and another group and build the outfits but in-game when i try to equip it, nothing shows up ( i cant see any devious outfits although in pip-boy it shows its equipped, i cant see any visible change on my character )
  2. How do i build the outfits of my preferred preset if nothing shows up ?
  3. I dont know what i am doing wrong but i cant seem to see my custom preset. It shows up when i select Fusion Girl Nude and some other outfits but for most of the outfit's (like every Vtaw outfits), it doesnt show up.
  4. I noticed there is a optional option in CBBE, Fusion Girl, BodyTalk for prebuilt clothing for Base Game, and DLC's but what are these for ?
  5. Thanks for the help. Using tfc seems to do the trick. But is this supposed to be normal ?
  6. Going back and forth Body (B) ends up like this
  7. So, i open looksmenu by entering slm 14 and it shows me the backside of the character. Tried moving camera and everything but it wont budge.
  8. Okay then what files do i have to copy to NPCAssets if i play as a female or male character. I am confused at this part.
  9. I am confused about some things with GSS. If i play as Male Character : Install Skeletal Adjustments CBBE Knee Fix (Choose GSS Installation Type) Then, Install ZaZ Extended Skeleton Then, Install GSS (Choose Male Player Option | Copy skeleton.nif from Knee Fix to NPCAssets in Data\Meshes\actors\character) If i play as Female Character : Install Skeletal Adjustments CBBE Knee Fix (Choose Vanilla Installation Type | Choose Vanilla Skeleton under GSS for Male NPC) Then, In
  10. But i do have ZaZ -Extended-Skeleton (ZeX) installed
  11. Dont know why but i cant seem to open New Scene window. AAF is showing whenever i press HOME, but i cant open the New Scene. Earlier it used to work fine but after reinstalling, this kept happening. Edit : nvm, after reinstalling every AAF related mods, the issue is fixed
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