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  1. Sure, no prob. Once I do a few more I'll upload them and then get to work on the others.
  2. I'm still working on these...but I went back to school, gonna go for my second degree, and haven't had as much time to do this.
  3. If I remember correctly, it didn't have a texture path, you needed to download the Quo Vadis textures if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Alright buddy. Open your textures folder, go to your character subfolder and then go to the female folder, take a screenshot and share it. We'll see if it's something that can be easily fixed or if we need to look further.
  5. So, I'm gonna assume that there were no issues and move on. Good to know.
  6. @ashen211212 Here you go. Hopefully it works alright. Just make sure you build every object with the SneakyPete tag. Also, you'll need some textures from the og Quo Vadis mod, because they were not packed in the mod from Nexus. Let me know if there's anything catastrophically broken. As for the Spice of Life thing...I looked into it. And it was too much for my blood. Too many outfits, much like the whole pregnancy suite that can be found here. I've converted like, maybe, 1/10th of them so there's no way in hell that I will try to add another big pack on top of that. SneakyPete.zip
  7. Ok. Little annoying thing about the whole Quo Vadis and Coito Ergo Sum mods...is that they have this annoying yet useful, for every other body type except CBBE, thing where they come in "sizes". I think it's A, B, C or something like that. What that means is that, when you equip one of their outfits? It loads a "bodysuit" on that size first and then loads the other crap on top of that. So, I cannot promise you in any sort of capacity to be able to help if I make the conversions and you're left with just a floating head and hands, because the "outfits" are modular pieces that are loaded without the underlying reference body so it's just a floating piece of clothing that loads over the bodysuit. I can make the conversions, but I cannot promise miracles.
  8. @ashen211212 Here you go, the Jill and Nurse conversions. Hopefully they work as intended. Sexy Nurse.zip Jill.zip
  9. Not today, but I'll try to get 'em done over the weekend. There's just one issue. The Claire outfit? Yeah, that's just a retexture of one of the merc outfits. It doesn't have a nif file, so you can just pop it in if you've got that outfit.
  10. What happens is that the NV-HH nif file is actually more of a reference when addapting high-heeled outfits in outfit studio. So yeah, you're good.
  11. A bit late, but there's a way. See, that happens because every pregnant body loads a different body mesh for every pregnancy stage. It's fixable, though it is time consuming, by loading those meshes on OS and adapting the CBBE body to the desired "stage". Then you just delete the "glitched" meshed in the project, save the new "base" and build it with BodySlide. It's time consuming because there are several pregnant meshes, all of which need to be manually adapted, so it's a lot. I've worked on and off on them for months and I think I've done maybe 1/5 of them.
  12. Alright, buddy, here's the thing. I downloaded the og mod to see what the hullabaloo was...and I think you might've made a pretty big mistake. See, the base CBBE body is much smaller than T6, so you couldn't do that "shrinking" to adapt the body to the clothes. My best guess is that you used your CBBE bodyshape as a reference and, if you didn't use the CBBE-NV osp file that's in your SliderSets folder, the outfit wouldn't have slider support to morph. Check that to see if it works. Another thing that might've escaped your thoughts is that you also need to remember to copy the bone weights of the CBBE body on the outfit.
  13. Alright, buddy. A few things. One: In OutfitStudio, did you shrink them manually or did you use sliders to shape the body? Two: Did you remember to Conform the outfit after you changed the body? Sometimes stuff like that can affect your results.
  14. @ashen211212 There you go. DOA Tina.zip
  15. Here's the first ones. I'll see if I can squeeze in the other two tomorrow. DOA Christie.zip
  16. Just checked it out. Looks like a few dozen outfits. Nothing too extraenous. And the only thing is that the UV map is for the "base" body. You just need to delete that and just adapt the outfit itself, which is not that hard...usually. I'll see what I can do.
  17. Is there a link you could provide for that mod? So I can see if I can spare some time to do it. The BNB armors have stalled, because of a couple of really annoying ones, so maybe doing another one will help me clear my head.
  18. I'll try 'em later, but one way to test them is to have the GECK installed and open the nif file using it. There you can manipulate the object and test some movements.
  19. CBBE is the default BodySlide body, at least as far as I know, but it should still let you build them. Check your BodySlide folder and tell me something. Do you have anything in the Slider Sets folder?
  20. @Wubbba Here you go. The maid one is not in the link you gave, that's just the esp to seed it into the world. WonderWoman.zip
  21. Yep. The thing is that this texture goes in a directory that doesn't exist in the FNV data folder. See? FNV doesn't have an "Actors" folder. Of course, you could just copy these files and paste them in the Raiders folder, but you need to use Outfit Studio to change the CBBE base body texture to this one. But I am not sure if it would work.
  22. I'm not really sure, but I don't think you can just "plug n play" this with the manager. The texture path is not the same, but I reckon, if you download it and adapt the texture for the reference to this path manually using Outfit Studio for the Raider Armors, it could be doable. Again, I'm not sure if you can do that, but it might be possible.
  23. To be honest I've not made much progress. I've done maybe a third or half of them.
  24. Looks like that did it. It shows like it should, if a bit glossy.
  25. I, really, have no idea how to fix it. I checked the textures folder and there's no "xxxx_n.dds" file, so I checked the texture path it should follow and the "normal" box is empty, so there's just the difuse but not the normal texture. What's weird is that the pauldrons and belt try to follow a path to a different folder, that does exist and has the appropriate file, but they still show as "texture-less" on the GECK.
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