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  1. Hi i find the ideas of your mod very interesting! You ask for any Ideas! So i have read the variations on the gods! I miss a variant of a god who likes "Player and/or Follower as rape-victim and dislikes consensual sexacts". There is a problem with the DeviousDevices All-In-One!!!: you have linked it to a Megaarchive but the file was removed from there. So do you have another link for it to download?
  2. Ok, I can understand your statement her, but what will your mod/patch do. A little more details would be great. Post Edited: For the love of all that is holy don't freaking quote a big long OP for a single question. Especially in the support thread for that mod. Greg Moderator
  3. Hi, I like the idea of this mod. Is it possible to bring up a version for the standard-Skyrim-Version. I don´t use the Special Edition because there are Mods whitch are not compatible with the SE-Version.
  4. nope thougt about it could be conflicting becaus some WhithrunBrothel-NPC are using the location around the carriage
  5. Don´t know if it is allready written but it is possible that the location will conflict with the Withrun Brothel Mod! To me it looks like it is a little bit to close to the location.
  6. Only a short question. In the MCM there is a 2nd Quest possible where I can enable/disable to help a Customer, but it is always marked as disabled. will there be a new Quest in future?
  7. Hi first! Is there actually a mod for Skyrim that makes it possible for my kids to invite their friends to stay or play at home? If not, this would be a suggestion from me! Since I can not write mods myself, I put this idea at leisure! Text is translated per maschine!
  8. I don´t know if it is always the matter or only in my game, but when I have installed Slaverun Reloaded the SLUTS-Mod leads to CTD so I think that every Mod which changes the Cariage-Drivers will be incompatible with this mod.
  9. I havn´t tried it for the moment but I think the mod "Withrun Brothel" will conflict with your mod because it looks like the same location where your Shop ist placed.
  10. There is a Mod here named "Get stripped again"! Mabe If you play thru it you will gett some Ideas! The last time I played thru the mod it was often bugy but was playable with a little effort. ?
  11. Hi, I don´t know if it is a bug or only a glitch in my game. But when the Cage scenario is triggered there is nothing happen. When I´m with a Follower, both of us are only standing in the cage and outside a few Npc´s are standing. And when it triggered with me only, after a while another Prisinor is spawned in the cage but nothing more happened.
  12. Strathi123


    What will this file do? Which game is this file for? Please add a few more informations!
  13. It would be great if you could at last put a download here wich isn´t so buged. I have done the quest so far that I have done the first anal thing but when I have to talk to the Jailer after it there is no dialog trigering. Also some auto-path have to be checked bekaus sometimes they walk against walls chests and tables.
  14. I don´t know if it was asked before, but why are the Inns free of the nudity-law especially in White- ähm Slaverun?
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