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    I consider this mod as an essential complement for a highly lacivious immersion of the space.

    Currently this Mod mainly contains sexual themes focused on Incest and Bestiality.
    >>>Lustful Void Mod<<<

    Special Thanks to:
    Progenitor2000 (German Localisation)
    Coolcoop (Corrected English Localisation)
    Meiton_88 (Finding and Fixing Minor Things)
    This is a mod that is still being tested, until what is proven the complements and mechanics that it brings for now are functional.
    Probably the results and rewards, and even the costs of the decisions, seem strange or exaggerated.

    If you have better ideas to balance the mod and make it more playable just contact me. 
    If you notice errors in the texts, it's because I'm not a native english speaker and much less professional. So, if you want to improve my texts you can help me.
    Any help and hint is welcome.

    Lustful Void
    Wild Lascivity
    If you use LV Smaller Pics Patch, place it in the middle of both.

    Create a new game, do not use with saves from previous versions. Major changes.

    FIXES AND PATCHES: (READ before Downloading or Reporting an Error)

    Summary of the Mod:
    This mod is focused for the moment on the interaction with hives, animals and ancient entities.
    What this mod contain exactly? (I will mention only some of the main features of this mod)
    -MOTHERLY HIVE (Hive Mind ORIGIN) (UTOPIA DLC Required - Under Test)
    A new type of hive with fewer penalties and more ability to cooperate with other species. (Not compatible with Devouring Swarm or aggressive and intrusive civic.) It provides a bonus in relationships.
    It includes special mechanics with unique events for its type.

    -Fauna Breeding (Planet Decision)
    You can force your people to mate with the planetary wildlife to boost social research.
    For now there are only 4 possible outcomes of single-line events.

    -Titanic Life Breeding (Planet Decision)
    You can force your people to mate with the Titanic Life to boost society research.
    For now there are only 4 possible outcomes of single-line events.
    -Exotic Fauna Search (Planet Decision)
    Start an expedition in search of unknown, strange and probably highly dangerous specimens.
    More than 10 possible results.
    While the expedition is in progress you receive a 10% boost in society research on the planet.
    -Uplift Exotic Fauna (Planet Decision)
    Create a random species using the Exotic Fauna as test subjects.
    This will start a special project on the selected planet. The species class is selected randomly and their base Traits are always the same.
    -Allow exploration for the scientific leader. (Planet Decision)
    This decision will initiate a special project with multiple results.
    (It must be a non-artificial habitable planet without a colony that is within your borders.)
    -New Strategic Resource: Exotic Fauna
    Only obtained by Exotic Fauna Search (Planet Decision)
    The amount can vary, but it is common that you almost always find even one creature if you are lucky.
    This new resource can be used for other projects.
    And More Decisions.
    -Archeological site: The Eternal Spirit
    This archaeological site will rarely appear randomly or with small probability with the decision of scientific exploration on uncolonized planets.
    Keep in mind that the archeological site is generated on any planet within the borders of who manages to activate it.

    Be careful when making decisions. Since for the moment many results are random and conditioned by few traits. So Spamming decisions means a possible loss of resources.
    In Scientific Exploration it is very rare for your scientist to die and a quick way to get experience.
    Fauna Searching and Scientific Exploration is an easy way to get advances in Society Research during the Early Game.

    Decisions require certain technologies that are in the vanilla game and complete another set of conditions. "Allow exploration for the scientific leader (Planet Decision)" is not available for Gestalt Empires. (UPDATED: Exploration available but with generic texts for common organics species. Using it with machines breaks with immersion.) The AI empires cant use the decision functions, since they could spam events.  At the moment the limit of projects that you can take simultaneously was removed. So you can make the decision on other planets while doing it on one, so you can spam events. Genocidal Empires cannot use this content. Or at least most of its content. This mod does not take into account the Machine Empires, in a next update maybe i will create a variant for events. But at the moment they can use some features.  
    (There is more variety of images in the events, but I made quick captures.)
    (Not all events are strictly sexual. Sexual content depends, in some cases, on the traits of each species.)

    Future Planned Content/To Do:
    -More events (Fauna and Titanic Life) In queue
    -Interestings Chain of events for "Scientific Explorations" and "Exotic Fauna Search" In queue
    -Anomalies and Random Events In queue
    -Interventions in primitive worlds via decisions. (Make a crop circle and abduct a cow or some shiet) In queue
    -Work in content for Hive Empires. < < <
    -Correct writing errors and improve texts. Volunteers are needed
    -Extra THICC Species Portraits. (Vanilla Alternative Versions) < < < Made by someone else
    Notes from versions:

    Compatible with everything. For the moment. Balanced game not promised.



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