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  1. I managed to get something better to run stellaris, so I have to catch up on the game and updates. So better wait for an mod update.
  2. Unless that empire has the Special Relic to contact and sacrifice pops it isn't supposed to happen. If you don't have the relic, you can't make deals. ex: you can get a good fleet for only 15 populations using the relic. anyway I am going to reduce population growth (For Zinara Pops) and increase the sacrifices required for deals. And I will probably add something so that the populations do not leave the nation that has the relic. (Or die if you dont have the relic, because it is how I had thought it to work in the beginning) 1. I will update and fix that 2. Someth
  3. try to create a mod with the launcher tool and then put the Wild Lascivity mod files in that new folder created by the launcher tool. I think there was someone with the same problem previously in the comments, but I do not remember their solution. Currently the situation is quite good, my health has improved a lot in the last days.
  4. I'll take a look, it hasn't happened to me. Possible solutions: Look at Policies. > Motherly Non-Hive Interactions Policy > Ban special interactions. (No more events) Or Select your capital or any other planet that belongs to you. > Planetary Decision > Motherly Hive - Policies Control (Open an alternative menu) Or Using the console: Select your capital OR Anything that belongs to you > Put in the console command: effect owner = { set_country_flag = SYSTEM_n_h_m_hidden_interactions_events } press enter, then place the next command with the same se
  5. The option to hide events and keep them enabled is only available for the Motherly Hive currently. In other cases, such as events that require you to interact or execute them, which are the majority, I have not yet implemented anything. Unless you are running events like crazy they shouldn't be a problem. But I will try to incorporate something to hide them eventually. The building had old code on file. Fixed for the next update.
  6. The text program I used auto corrected "remove_country_flag" to "remove_planet_flag" for some lines in the MAT_LV_options_events.txt file. MAT_LV_options_events.txt Command to make it appear without menu: >First select anything that belongs to you effect owner = { remove_country_flag = SYSTEM_wl_hidden_exotic_fauna_decisions }
  7. I already added special buildings with jobs in the previous version but not like you say. I plan to add some "special interactions" for that. So to be able to produce fauna.
  8. I was with strange symptoms the last days, anyway I have already uploaded a new version. Some fixes, balancing and expanded minor features. Added an advisor and WL Mod Menu. Eventually I will take up this project further, I had many ideas and many things that I wanted to implement but were still incomplete. Please report problems so I can do my best.
  9. I'll update it tomorrow maybe. 1-2 Days.
  10. That event does not belong to this mod.
  11. I explained that in other comment: 1. If I remember correctly it is 90% reduction (i know, to high), so you will get almost nothing. But anyway you have the planetary option to ignore that reduction and even the xeno population limits. 2. The policies takes time to take effect on interactions when activated, the event you get is part of a previous instance. Since the event runs in cycles of days without restrictions. So i think you really get nothing when its activated. Soo, i will adjust some numbers on the next update. Pls upload a screenshot of the event. If you have
  12. No no, that controls only xeno pops, the policy set on 25/50 causes events to be drastically reduced. but policy seemed like your problem. The default is selected by the AI, so changing the default would change what the AI uses.
  13. if you haven't touched anything, the next conditions and that structure are required. -That Building -Any xeno pop with Livestock for Mating/Mother´s Trophy Job -Control Limit Pop set to No Limit Policy (This apply for Xenos) -Allow Special Interactions Policy IF POP LIMIT IS SET TO 25/50 YOU NEED TO USE THIS: First Option is like using Ban Special Interactions on the planet only.
  14. Motherly Hive: Populations under any slavery type change their "job" to "Livestock for mating". Regardless if you have the special building or not. If that does not ocurr there must be something interfering with Jobs. The population grows by events, more Society technology = more growth. Hive Maternal Sanctuary is necessary for events to occur. (Events can be hidden) The same events can cause population decline if you have little technological advance. More information about the Events: Another thing is that you have 3 new policies with different options that affect popu
  15. Compatible But I do not assure that it is balanced. I really don't remember.
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