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  1. Post #19 works here as well with MO2, first time to have everything working with Nemesis. The only issue I see is that a lot of times when starting an animation sequence, characters will float in the air for a second or two flapping their arms as if falling. Has anyone else experienced this, and more importantly, does anyone have a fix?
  2. Here is the latest posted version And this is for Nemesis itself https://github.com/ShikyoKira/Project-New-Reign---Nemesis-Main/releases
  3. Just two pages back in this thread, Larasen posted 2 different links for the merfolk race (can't remember exactly which one I have running). I do like the zaz idea better but since I can't get it to go this can take care of the issue in the interim. PCEA2 has a limitation on the number and type of anims for each category. Nemesis has a PCEA that doesnt have those limitations, but I cannot get it to work in its current form for myself. But it is coming.
  4. Similar. I am using the Merfolk mod, not the siren mod. There is a script that automatically changes to mermaid/merman upon entering water deep enough to swim. There is a power to toggle between the forms as well. This works well as there are land animations for the merfolk (crawling and rolling on the ground, etc). Those animations toggle automatically now when your form switches to merfolk, or back to human when you change to human form. I looked at the zaz approach a long time ago, but couldn't get it to work properly and gave up completely for a while. I saw that new mod
  5. Well, success at last! My merfolk will change from human animations in human form to merfolk animations in merfolk form without touching the PCEA2 in the MCM every single time. FNIS PCEA2 Race Switch Fix I loaded this new mod in the CK and added a new keyword that only my MerfolkTailRace would use. After applying the keyword just to the tail race (not the legs race), I changed the script to use the new keyword I added (NoPCEA) instead of the (ActorTypeNPC) keyword already in the script. So I changed this code: Scriptname FNIS_PCEA2RaceSwitchFix exten
  6. Never had a problem with it and I have been using it since you first released it.
  7. Are you using a custom race? If so you might have to either add the race as an option on the ARMA records, or make the race use a vanilla race as an armor template. Also make sure that you downloaded the meshes and textures into the correct folder.
  8. I would be very satisfied if it just had some of the armor destroyed so when you looted the NPC you could only get boots and gloves this time, or maybe those were destroyed and I just got a tunic and a hood, something like that. Anything making it where you got less armor/weapons when you loot bodies.
  9. The bodies in the video look fantastic. I really hope you decide to do both for Oldrim.
  10. Clipping I can only do so much with. If you are talking about the trousers/shorts, there will be a lot of clipping. They are pretty low poly and were not designed to be removed by the original author. I did that more for people wanting to use other pants/shorts form other mods or for those wanting a more ... breezy ... option. I'll take a look at whatever you are seeing though.
  11. I couldn't tell you for sure as I drop different ones in all the time. I would guess it being a derivative of the fair skin. Regardless it is from some companion mod that I downloaded at some point and separated the body texture from it. No idea which one.
  12. Just a thanks for the many tweaks and edits Monoman. This must take a huge amount of your time.
  13. If mannequins and your followers can use them but you cannot are you using a custom race for your character?
  14. The HDT-PE won't work in SE, so someone would have to convert it to SMP. I can't do that unfortunately.
  15. Bless MS0102 Separated the Pauldrons, Belt, and Shorts from the main Torso. Remember to use the optional esp if you want the separated items, otherwise use the default esp included. Everything works great except some unavoidable clipping on the shorts as separated pieces. My level of skill is not sufficient to do anything about that, sorry. But then a lot of people here wouldn't be using that particular piece anyway.... Anyway, enjoy, give Kudos to Team Tal for their latest awesome addition, and let me know if you find anything amiss.
  16. Grrr. Didn't realize the links were broken from that. I just corrected the links for all of my FONV files that point to Nexus.
  17. Funny enough TeamTal just released their own All-In-One file Team Tal Moonblade Online All-In-One I am not sure if everything lines up the same as I have not had a chance to use the file yet, but in the past they used the same directories so all the bodyslide conversions should work fine with the AIO file. @lefttounge As far as Bodyslide goes there is no merged file for all the bodyslide files yet. The conversion for each outfit has to be downloaded and installed individually.
  18. Derpakiin had a merged esp on the first page of this thread, also there were a couple others that people were throwing together.
  19. New Moonblade Online one by Team Tal is really nice! Conversion loaded. Trousers separated from boots and cape/arms separated from torso in separated version. Select "Full" for Trousers & boots in bodyslide if you want to use Team Tal's esp. If you want to use my separated version don't use the "full" options in bodyslide and overwrite Team Tal's esp with my included optional esp. Like always, you need to download the original file from Team Tal. If you find issues with the conversion let me know.
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