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  1. I've always disliked that NPCs close their eyes when killed and I wondered if some talented mod maker would be interested in trying to make a mod to fix that. I once had a bug that caused the eyes to remain open and eversince I've been annoyed by it. I want to feel like I really killed them dammit! First posted this on r/skyrimmods they told me to go here so here I am.
  2. Roxna18

    Sexlab Attraction

    seem to be having a similar problem, it seems to still be relevant what i set the PC preferences to but there appears to be a major dislike modifier blocking the attraction from getting higher than PC is uninterested. anyone know where this may come from? (looked up the exact sizes of an NPC and edited the PC preference to perfectly match the NPC but to no avail)
  3. Roxna18

    Cloaks of Skyrim - HDT-PE - Fixed

    the item travel burlap is not included in cos, there is an item of that name that uses the cos mesh in campfire, i believe you mean that one. (if you do not have campfire installed than i could be wrong but i highly doubt it)