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  1. In version 1.2 of Savage Cabbage in SavageCabbage_positionData.xml there is a space that needs to be removed after the location property on some of the elements. For example: <position id="SC-FM-Human-Couch01-01Tease" location ="Couches"/> should be: <position id="SC-FM-Human-Couch01-01Tease" location="Couches"/>
  2. Why are needed xml changes not being contributed to individual animations projects like this one? Having nearly all animation packs depend on a single patch is a terrible model. The entire AAF mod scene becomes stagnant and confused while everyone waits for the patch to be updated. There are even patches for the patch. What a mess.
  3. Yeah. It's definitely a feature that would have to have been present in the beginning. A lot of refactoring would be required to implement it. Just wanted to write an idea down before it left me.
  4. Just dropping off an idea. A setting that lets the mod know how the player is currently dressed. Similar to the "appearance" setting except something that you would set after changing your clothes rather than one time when deciding the traits of your character. After changing into something conservative you could update the "dressed" setting to "conservative". Maybe "moderate" and "revealing" would be other settings. The value of the "dressed" setting could then be used to influence how npcs act around you.
  5. I just learned that patreons get early access to builds. I decided to join as a captain.
  6. Exactly what I was talking about. Thanks for the info.
  7. Glad it's working great for you and probably most. I have heard from one other experienced AAF user that has been experiencing a similar issue as me while using later versions of AAF. I understand that it's not being widely reported; at least not yet.
  8. NMM community edition has served me well so far. I might try MO2 sometime. Backing up mods is a habit I should form. I don't want to turn your thread into an AAF support group. I have been using naughty mods for New Vegas, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 for a long time and your Hardship is truly revolutionary.
  9. At least I know it's not just me. I'm well versed in the AAF xml framework so I would be able to easily catch any issue there. I also carefully read the change log before updating any mod including AAF which has an exceptionally detailed change log. I wish I didn't delete 110b. Hopefully knowledge of this issue gains more traction.
  10. Has anyone else been having trouble with AAF 117b? The gathering sequence is hanging about 20% of the time an animation is starting. I had no issues with 110b and nothing changed with my setup/config after upgrading. I already asked in the AAF main thread. Just wondering if anyone else here has tried 117b.
  11. In 117b I've also noticed that the [AAF] hangs around in the corner after an animation finishes. Cycling around the interface and then closing gets rid of it.
  12. Animations fail to start about 20% of the time after updating from 110b to 117b. The gathering sequence never ends. No animation in particular is failing. All animations seem to be subject to the 20% failure. The failure has happened for animations triggered by mods and manually using the AAF interface. I have all requirements. Nothing about my config or load order has changed since using 110b where there was no failure. I would revert to 110b, but I deleted it with confidence upon installing 117b. The papyrus log doesn't show anything except: "ERROR: UNKNOWN EXIT TYPE. Probably received a request to exit when the scene is already exiting." and "Attempted stop of scene. But, actor is not in a scene:" when the scene is ended manually, by timer, or mod script. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Bug Report: Npcs can hold an approach dialogue with the player when the player is not on the same floor as the approaching npc. This issue can be observed in Candlehearth Hall and The Bee and Barb which both have two floors. The distance between the player and npc required to trigger the dialogue is likely satisfied, but the player is not within the field of view of the npc.
  14. Bug Report: Npcs can approach the player while the player is busy in an animation.
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