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  1. https://gist.github.com/c79068716e8d236394ee9b0531b3b344 Thats the log
  2. Where would i find the HugsLog I have everything installed how it says to be installed
  3. The animations don't show up for me is there any way to fix that
  4. How big do the breasts have to be, to be milkable
  5. How do i get my female character to have sex with a female npc using the schlong, i always get the lesbian scenes
  6. I can't find any of the notes on the table or under the table
  7. Whenever i have sex with one of the npc it always uses the dildo and not the cock and im not sure what the issue would or how to change that
  8. How do you get started with this mod like what do you do first
  9. I don't know if its a load order issue or if it's something else
  10. The bow doesn't show up in the forge menu
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