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  1. Even with both fixes applied, it still is broken, I go invincible as soon as I die
  2. CBBE SE And yes I know theres a seperate option for CBBE SE when first selecting bodies for DD, for some reason when she moves she moves like a normal NPC as well ignoring the arm binders
  3. I appreciate it, mouthes open now, but they don't fit inside of the mouthes!
  4. Hey, I'm abit new when it comes to these sort of mods, and well, I've found that the mod mostly works, its just that the gags seem to not fit.. or atleast the mouthes won't open for the gag and it comes out looking weird.
  5. Sounds complicated, but I'm willing to learn!
  6. Were they the down pitched Female moans from the older versions? cause I still have those sitting around... Also ah.. how exactly do I activate them, then get them to my friend?
  7. New posting here and all, kind of curious, is there any sort of.. custom male moans out there? It sounds weird since the default male moan is apex so any custom male race sounds like.. well.. an ape...
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