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  1. Never done anything for Skyrim outside of the Creation Kit but if you can attatch 3D primitives to character bones and run "On Overlap" events you can do just about anything from there.
  2. Well you're in for a treat since we had similar reactions to Lydia to different degrees. I recommend rxkx22's 1.5 Serana, her eyes contributed a lot to my emotions. FoxFingers really did an incredible job though, too good even, I can't continue my playthrough knowing her questline is over D: Edit: Back to my senses after a short break.
  3. I thought I was impervious to waifus and sure as hell never expected it to be someone from Skyrim but what you've done with Serana... I don't want an enemy within 20 feet of her. I can't even bring myself to do any more AA quests because I don't want to hurt her. I know it may not have been your intention but you've thought me a lot about myself, thank you.
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