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  1. is the hdt pe version up to date or is it outdated? and can iuse the smp version with hdt pe if i dont use smp?
  2. ok so i tired vanilla skyrim with only dlcs and alternate start and no problem there as soon as i install the skeleton moving and lifting npc stop working edit: i deleted the "character asset female" folder and it i can move them no problem now, but doing that cause breast and buuts to glitch out 😕 edi 2: so in the end is really the xpmse skeleton that is causing me to not be able to lift body, i tried with 4.80 and 4.79 so i think i will have to deal with it as i odnt think ther eis an alternative skeleton update: so i did complete skyr
  3. thats the thing that is driving me crazy i have the no limit for lifting dead bodies and objects but it dosnt help and on skytweak i can see that my grab force is at the maximum value
  4. so i was messing around with different body mods, after installing all in one cbbe from leyenda and cosio 5.7 i can lift any of the dead npc with no problems and the only thing that is replacing the skeleton is only more nasty critter and bakafactory abc mod Edit: and it worked only one time 😕
  5. so i have mnc and and this mod installed and belly collision seems to be working, but there is no vagina collision
  6. sorry i wasnt very clear with my problem the screenshot was supposed to show that i can only lift npc to that height with grabbing the head, but i noticed that grabbing the feet would let me lift them high but they would still act as if they are still attached to the ground, and i just tried jaxon positioner and it dosnt really work with dead npc im gonna post my hdtphysics log is like the lower part of the skeleton stick to the ground
  7. i noticed that the same happen with male npc if xpmse overwrite sos skeleton
  8. this is the max i can lift female bodies im not crouching
  9. whenever i try to move any dead npc around it acts as if they are sticked to the ground so i can only drag but not lift them. load order:
  10. how do i add bhunp 3bbb to uunp armors? i mean how do i make uunp armor compatible with bhunp cause i know they work fine together but then when i use uunp body and racemenu morphs in game i notice no clipping when moving the sliders but with bhunp body and sliders i get clipping i have installed feminine khajiit and argonians and want to ask if there is a way to make the vagina show up with those textures, i mean that there is literally a blank space in the vagina Edit: For khajitt and argonian i install the texture from here now i just need
  11. i mean after i edit the body in racemenu there is clipping but then that body isnt saved anywere
  12. thats what i always try to do but then if there is clipping i cant fix it with outfit studio.
  13. so i can only achieve what im after with armor/clothes mods i would only use for my pc. thank you
  14. so i build body plus batch build for the armors and this makes the changes for all female npc, now i want to make my character use a different body i know about this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44938/? but my only problem would be making the armor i build with bodyslide fit that body without overriding the ones i built for npc
  15. sorry for late response. i mean that i can fix clipping pretty easily, what i want is like i make a body and do batch buld, this makes the outfits fit that body but if i then make my pc use a different body i cant seem to find a way to edit the outfits for that body without changing it for npc too
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