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  1. oh wait i saw a mod on the nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30901 i never downloaded it, but after installing it all of the anequina race looks fine
  2. so i have elsweyr anequina installed, but the female khajiit have wrong textures , does anyone know a fix?
  3. the thing is nifskope wont let me paste branch with the bones have to paste the bones afterwards
  4. i managed to fix the horse penis bones but no i get this during sex and after
  5. ok having another issue, now when i try to have sex with npc the game crash happening only with the horse and dog penis
  6. thanks for the help fejeena. i will have to be more careful when copy pasting with nifskope, i tought that copy pasting was all that was needed but i see i have to be careful and select scene root for pasting
  7. as.rar ye i got the dicks from that link. i use the dmra manga body
  8. i downloaded a horse and dog penis meshes , made the respective folders in clothes\as\7 and 8 copied the lowerbody i use with nifskope but in game the penis dosnt appear only the normal futa penis works and when i try to add the robert penis to my lowerbody the penis and feets are visible but not the lowerbody
  9. thank you. i have another mod installed called hiyokogeneforge and the tamago/hiyoko no x117, will i still be able to get the x117 childrens if i install mbp and still use the hiyoko no x117?
  10. hi i want to know if i will run on any conflicts if i use mbp all in one with no mbp loversplugin like immoral sister and bravilunderground
  11. so it was the extender but why? i got it forn the first link here LAPF compatible PK Extender version: PK Extender for rev96 v5 - LAPF.7z
  12. i get the limp penis to dysplay no problem, its that my sex diary dosnt have the "set my body type" option 😕
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