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  1. So I can't tell if it's my internet or what but the DL keeps hanging on me
  2. I greatly anticipate the creation of a mod that allows bestiality. It's prolly gonna be a while, gotta create the models, the collisions, the animations, etc. But I think there's supposed to be doggos in the game.
  3. Are there any plans to update the bestiality animations? As a fan of that particular kink, I'm honestly just happy to see it in the game, but the anims do look a fair bit janky
  4. Ok so, I installed the new version of Aio AP and now the creature shlongs are missing. I'll summon them with the hentai creatures spell, but most of them are missing their junk. And I have absolutely not a clue what's going on.
  5. New girl at work is a temp, and an utter cutie. I want to flirt, but I'm fucking terrible at it. KILL ME.
  6. A bit of Skyrim and Sims 3, but I've also been farming like a madman on Warframe
  7. Mike, you're fucking awesome and so is your work! Keep it up!
  8. Eh, We've got assholes like any other community. But they're thankfully few. Plus mods here tend to be pretty fair minded, and even if some of the rules chafe, most of us agree that they're there for a good reason.
  9. I hate it when you start getting right to the part of a porn where you wanna bust a nut, and the goddamn vid goes into a buffer so long you have to rage-refresh it like 15 times before it starts working again
  10. I would append my earlier entry. Would still love to see more bestiality, but I would love to see specifically HDT enabled and compatible vaginas, penises, hands, and mouths for all creatures an x-ray function so we can see how the naughty bits interact from the inside (I know this will never happen due to the insane amount of modeling, rigging and making sure shit doesn't clip) the ability for the camera to lock onto one specific segment of the actor/s together, and rotate around/under/over that area with minimal stick/mouse movement as well as a zoom function (because one handed view
  11. Granted, a swarm of ravenous fire ants poured down your pants have given you the motivation to do so, I wish my car was fixed already
  12. I will say this right now, Solid State Drives (SSD) are fucking awesome, and while their prices are still higher than standard platter drives, have really become a lot more affordable since their introduction. I would recommend an SSD as the drive for your OS, and maybe a few programs, and at least a 1 TB secondary drive (this can be whatever, just not a green series) purely for data storage. I know money's tight for most of us, but when it comes to computer equipment? Think of it like a car: invest in it now so you don't have to spend money later.
  13. Hey man, don't sweat it. We all have a life and the responsibilities those entail. And in the end, you're the one who makes the final call on what you wanna animate. I'm just pitching my two cents in for whatever they're worth.
  14. Ok, so I managed to get things fixed, and I'm not sure exactly how. (for context, I use MO) Deleted all files that were being buggy, re-DL'd and installed them again (updating when necessary). Ran FNIS, LOOT, TES5Edit, the whole shebang. Didn't seem to fix anything On a lark, I started a new game, which fixed everything, or so I thought. Then loaded up my main game save, things seemed to be working, but again, missing some stuff, and framerate was a bit low. However, whenever I tried to load from my main save first, I would CTD. I figured something was wrong with my save, so I used a s
  15. Also, Dayelyte? I know you're still on hiatus, but just wanna throw it out there that when/if you get the bug to grace us all with some top notch animations again, I just wanna throw some suggestions out there: Bears (only one animation, and clunky to boot) Sabre Cats (same as the bears) Boars (I know the Bristlebacks are Dragonborn only, but there's potential) Goats (randy buggers IRL, they deserve the same rep in Skyrim) And likely someone's already mentioned it before, but a new Missionary position for the canines would be awesome. Tho I have doubts as to whether the bear and sab
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