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  1. Please forgive me if this has been asked already (my search found nothing), but would this be compatible with SkyFem? Or advise how I could check compatibility? (I am not sure what records/path to check in the CK or xedit)? Was thinking the Dovakin could be on a quest to repopulate Skyrim (or something like that).
  2. @rys3nThanks for doing the ARMA fixes and posting it. I also thought the armor was OP and thought about aligning it to dragonscale/plate values (it is armor from a deity after all).
  3. The ussep is optional for almost all mods (you are an example of why). The ussep does bring a lot of fixes to the table and you might consider researching how to use xedit to make 'patches' for anything ussep breaks in your other mods (usually just property value conflicts). Although I'd be hard convinced to not use ussep myself, you play it your way. I likely just added ussep as part of the masters as it does have some creature related changes that seemed relevant at the time. Only thing I can think of would be some creature records related to health values, of which I did find
  4. Been playing other games lately, but...one thing to do is load up the esp in xedit (or the creation kit) and see where those potions are being used in the world (to identify vendors or inventories that reference the cure potions). Other than that you also need to enable the STD mechanic in the Mod Manager settings screen (been just long enough I've forgotten what that is called). I've not played with this setting enabled myself so really this is a far as I can assist. Good luck. Same here, never did find a fix other than reloading an older save. Speculation: a bad edit by the autho
  5. Was wondering the same thing today, then found this thread. Seems to be permanently disabled. 😞😢 Workaround: What I've been doing is to follow something like a file or thread from the author, then I can at least find and click their name to finally find their other files. Lots of clicks. Or just bookmark their member profile page if you are okay with having those links in your browser (NSFW and all).
  6. I think Nemesis counts differently than FNIS, resulting in a higher total number (something about genders I think), so not indicative of a problem per se. Although it is possible your configuration is treating the 'same' animations as new ones when Nemesis runs (which would actually be double registering them). Beyond me at this point. Troubleshooting: If you have not yet tried it yet, go into the MCM and in SLAL, reset/unregister everything, wait for completion, save, exit to desktop, re-load, save again and exit (this second save is to ensure no leftovers were stuck in mem
  7. I cannot find the 'requirements' page to TUDM, but the two add-on mods for it on Nexus both reference Nemesis, so I would be confident the answer is yes. Nemesis does have a patch for TK Dodge too, but I cannot state if it would improve your results or not. Nemesis is fairly feature complete for humanoid animations, but officially missing the creature stuff (unless its in there but not advertised; and probably lowest priority). I'm using Nemesis, seems fine with ~24k animations, but I do get some occasional start loop issues (first few seconds repeat in a loop, t
  8. As another rookie modder the best advice has already be stated, start by running loot, then read each of your SL mods descriptions and support threads for adjustments. Generally you can keep all your SL mods in the same general install/load group (so they load late). In the end, there is no 'one way' to mod, but when you do get it right it sure is rewarding. And be sure to share your results for others. What I've been doing (using MO2): -install mods (do not install large numbers at once of course) --try to install and activate each mod one at a time so later inst
  9. Was going to post a link to the same mod too, but yeah, cost is a factor. I only see photo face conversion being useful (to myself) if someone offers conversions at about $5-10 a face with an unrestricted/fair use license (or equivalent). Obviously the one making the conversions would have to have some skill in making the final face work and look right in-game for this to be a viable venture, but it could happen.
  10. I use MO2 and I had to add both the FNIS and FNIS XXL mod packages at the same time to get it working properly with a large set of animations. I think the XXL mod was missing some core files or something so it threw errors when installed on its own. You would still use the XXL version of the executable, which I presume Vortex can be be configured to do. In effect I merged the XXL files over the base files, overwriting as needed. I tried Vortex shortly after release, it has some good features, but eventually I decided on MO2 once I took the time to understand how MO2 works.
  11. Possible link error: SexLab SE📝 (SL, 1.63 beta 8; SKSE 2.0.17-19) - beta; noble bed replacer (alt); facial expressions and animations (F/F LE/M) the link "F_LE" links to "Remove Ash Pebbles", which is probably not what it is supposed to link to ("expression animations" and all)
  12. Looks thirsty! I like the armor on this one, can you share what it is? Second request, what did you do to get that expression, it makes the shot. Third request, export of the preset so I can play with her too?
  13. @FirstMTA You trying to start a dumpster fire war? Cause that's what that versus question does, burns garbage and fouls the air. 😉 That said, I can tell you why I don't play the LE version of skyrim. I bought it on steam in 2020, and the LE version was not available, so I did not have a choice (and yes, I chose these colors to hurt your eyes for asking that in this thread). Nuff said in my case. Some that purchased LE before SE was released were given free copies of the SE edition (not sure what the conditions were, but I think you had to have all the DLC's before som
  14. Can anyone advise if Post #1 is the most up to date list of mods for this topic. With over 6594 replies and counting it is taking a bit to back track through the "new" stuff. Been using the links in EvilReFlex's footer as a supplement. If the OP is obsolete, maybe time to update it, or close this and start a new "Futa Content Thread (2020)" topic.
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