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  1. New technical demo is available to download! STAR WARS: PATH OF LUST TECHDEMO [*.ZIP, 514MB]
  2. Variations of clothing items for Kara. Of course, this is far from all. Most of the planned elements are still in production.
  3. An important survey. Everyone who cares about the project - here!
  4. So, it seems I have not been here for a long time :) Correcting the situation for those who are not subscribed to my Patreon and are not aware of the latest changes :) So, I'm create the concept of a pair of Kara’s personal items, in particular, this is her lightsaber (is she a Jedi or who? :)): And also a blaster: In addition, the concept of the Kara's ship is defined, because on the scale of an entire galaxy is complicated without it :) (it's not my 3D model yet) Kara herself will now look something like this
  5. Um, well, actually the idea is kind of good. I can make the chiss one of the characters, for excample the leader of the mercenaries Kara is hunting for. He is smart, he is cunning, he calculates all the moves of the his enemies in advanced, so he are so difficult to track down. That will be a peculiar reference to Thrawn, who also belonged to this race.
  6. Game plans According to the results of the survey, it became clear that many support the idea of changing the plot of the game so as to preserve the original essence of the Jedi Knights and at the same time preserve the main character as a Jedi along with the erotic component of the game. Well, so be it So, Kara Silero was expelled from the Order for her commitment to passion and bodily pleasures, as well as their use along with the traditional methods of the Jedi (by the way, quite effectively), which, of course, did not like to the Jedi Council. At the same time, Kara
  7. Hello there. I have almost completed the development of the main buildings for the creation of the port of Mos Eisley on Tatooine and will soon begin the actual assembly of the location itself. It remains to finish a few more small things and pretty soon you will be able to visit this famous city As you can see, I modeled several characteristic buildings of Mos Eisley. If I missed something, or you have any comments, you can indicate it in the comments.
  8. Anyone who is interested, I suggest to pass a small survey.
  9. Well, the fact of the matter is that I want to preserve the atmosphere inherent in the SW universe. I didn't intend to introduce canonical characters here, but without the rest it will be just a pathetic parody.
  10. Hmm, where did you see cyberpunk here? About sexual kinks - I think there will be a lot of things. I have not yet decided on a complete list.
  11. Well, I understand that. In general, with Lucasfilms still quite could be negotiated. George has always supported any fan projects in his universe. I think that he would not be strongly against game even if it for adults. In the end, if fans like it, why not? But Disney of course - this is yes, everything is sad. They don't need a Star Wars universe, they need money. But nothing. I'll think of something. At this time the main thing for me is that you like the game
  12. Well! Force is with us and the first demo version of the game is finally released As you remember, this is only a demo of the character customization system, however many of you have expressed a desire to play with it, therefore - please! Download STAR WARS: PATH OF LUST At the moment, not all of the plans have been implemented in the system, but something will probably change in the future, however, in general, you can read it and create your own unique Jedi. And yes, share screenshots of the results, I'm also interested In addition, I will be
  13. Are you ready to answer for your words? Or are you only able to blame people for what they weren't going to do in principle, simply because you want it or you thought up something for yourself?
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