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  1. On 5/4/2019 at 11:06 PM, boyguts said:

    as seen by the title, i'm looking for some salt and pepper/greying (not completely grey yet) hairs for my older, but not elder yet sims. my sugar daddy sims need a little love, too! 


    anyway, i'd really prefer the cc to be alpha instead of maxis match. does anyone know of any cc hairs (i'm mostly looking for males, but female hair would also be accepted) that are salt and pepper/greying? i'd really appreciate being pointed towards them, thanks in advance


    Maybe this can help :




    and this :



  2. 3 hours ago, wild_guy said:

    Hey! Honestly I don't know the way to copy WW underwear to different outfit categories. I know there is a possibility to copy outfits using MC Command Center but I assume this doesn't affect the WW underwear feature and can be done only for basic outfits. But I don't understand why do you have to change 3 outfits per category? I usually set only one underwear for each available category. Are we talking about WW underwear change (mean change underwear on WW mannequin in CAS)?

    WW underwear change is available as always, with click on a sim and choose clothing/change underwear option.

    Yes I'm talking about the WW option "WW Underwear change" in the pie menu while playing. You have to change the underwear in CAS for every single outfit in every category one by one. (Like 3 outfits in Day, 3 in Formal, 3 in Party, 3 in Hot Weather, 3 in Cold Weather...).  That's 15 times looking for underwear in all the CAS Bottom stuff. Now all my sims have the same default underwear (your creations, not the EA underwear). I'm already using MCCC for copying outfits to other sims. I was hoping to give a sim the underwear of my choice in one go.


    Anyway, thank you for your answer. 👍

  3. Hi Nisa,

    Love your mod and use it always. 👍


    Is there any way to disable the clients leaving after sex (after payment)? It's in conflict with the "WW Talk after sex"- option.


    After sex my active sims (prostitutes) just stand there for 30 seconds doing nothing to have a chat with someone who left. 🙄


    Thank you. 

  4. 18 minutes ago, aa26 said:

    Hi people, someone knows which mod is it?

    I was watching on forums about ww body parts and i found this miniature pic on a discussion of about an year ago.. tx

    I think it's [erplederp] Female Nipple Top (cmar mesh, wild_guy texture).package or

    [erplederp] Female Nipple Top v2 (cmar mesh, wild_guy texture).package

  5. 9 hours ago, ColonolNutty said:

    Maybe I'll update for 150b, it sounds like it fixes a bunch of the "refuse" issues that some people are having.

    Thank you for the update to 150b Colonol! 👍


    Straight sex is no problem. Works fine.  I noticed the pets have to be in a good mood...lol. Too tired, too hungry, not enough affection or a full bladder and they refuse sometimes. 


    Bi or gay is still a problem, but that's no big deal for me. Need to test some more to be sure.

  6. 2 hours ago, grim667 said:

    Having a problem with getting pets to accept, Have a newer female couple with their dog and the dog is female to.. it is a no go ,moved to another older house, with a male sim and female dog, it works so the mod works right.. With the new version of WW their seems to be a gender preference (strait/gay/bi) with what seems all sims(and pets) set to strait (took me longer than I would like to admit complaining to my screen to figure that out) So tried to make the fem dog in the ladies house bi, still a no go, constant rejection.



    Same here.


    The mod works but no BI or GAY relationships allowed. (Always refusing no matter what).  Only Straight relationships are working. It's a gender preference problem.





  7. Hi,


    No matter how much friendship my sim and pet have. Every started action makes my pet or sim angry. They refuse sex. Even with all cheats on. (Alwas accept, zoo trait, having met, 100% friendship, they are companions... ) Same thing with another dog I tried...



    S4CL 1.2.6

    WP 7.0.16 beta


    Maybe I missed something...

  8. 1 hour ago, Fetterbr said:

    Hi. I have a question. Is there a way to get the sims to share the Tampons and pads auto? I have 8 sims household and ordered the stuff online for each of them but when 1 sims checks the mail she takes all and i need to give each single the stuff.

    Put the order (pads/tampons/pils...) on a table, floor, counter, or whatever and drag the items one by one to the thumbnails of each individual sims (sims thumbnails bottom left). It will automatically be added to their personal inventory.


    If you do this from the inventory of the sim who checked the mailbox, the whole order will be moved to another sim.

  9. Hi Colonol, thank you for the update 👍


    v147f and WickedPets 6.2.31 seems to work fine for me. (WP 6.1.30 and 6.1.31 also did in combination with v147f)

    Remarks/questions :


    1. Can't you boost up the autonomy for pet to sim and sim to pet? It's always very weak. Even on ultra high intensity settings they hardly ever start sex themselves. Even with 100% friendship, zoo trait and always accept on. A wp-setting in % would be nice.


    2. Some info: Using Wicked Pets or Kinky Whims disables the Fade-in intro for the normal WW-animations. Any idea why? 



  10. Thanks for this great update/fix Colonol.


    Using w147b + WickedPets 6.1.27 + (KinkyWhims 4.2.21 - CN_OC Mod - MCCC 6.6.2 - NWP - AEP - Sacrificial Mods - AOM Mods - LittleMsSam mods... )


    All working fine. No more genetalia problems or selectable location problems. No color problems. No Auto-joining problems.


    The only thing that irritates me is: When my female dog has sex... every change of stage or position I get the blue notification "LOST VIRGINITY"  After 20 similar notifications in a row I do have seen it...lol.  (My setting for notifications in  WW are disabled)


    A little fix would be nice.



    Great Job 👍



  11. Hi Colonol, I did a new CLEAN test :


    Using just 2 mods w147b and WickedPets 5.1.24  (Show Pets Nudity is enabled)


    Started a new game (completely empty beach lot), new female sim and new male dog. Not a single other mod or CC. No cum meshes. Cleaned cache. I deleted old errors and logs.

    Result :

    No genetalia to see when starting an animation. Only when re-enabling Show Pets Nudity in settings. (During the animation)


    Disabling WW Sweating setting : doesn't help
    Disabling WW Auto strapon setting : doesn't help
    Changing WW outfit undress options : doesn't help

    Changes in body slelector : doesn't help


    Like someone else said: Your Start Pet Sex option only works on floor/ground. No longer on bed or chair or whatever.

    Seems like the start of the animation itself is triggering something in your Show Pets Nudity setting...

  12. Hi,

    Using WickedPets 5.1.21 : (Show Pets Nudity is enabled)


    I have a problem with my pets (dogs) genitals. They don't show up when an animation has started. When I change the setting 'Show Pets Nudity' (disable and re-enable) during the animation they show up perfectly. But once the animation changes to another stage or position they disappear again. So I have to disable and re-enable over and over again.


    Changes in the body selector don't help. A new created dog still gives the same problems.
    More people with this problem ?

    Info: Sims  -  ww147a  -  MCCC 6.6.2

  13. 4 hours ago, martindog said:
    4 hours ago, wild_guy said:

    Do you mean you have 10/02 i.e. 2 of October files? It's just impossible. The latest version is in the file download here.

    must be someone else's zipping time then, thanks for the confirmation, I'll overwrite them


    hi Wild_Guy,


    I just compared the files I downloaded here today october (29.10.2019) with the ones I downloaded in august (07.08.2019).

    The only difference I see is wild_guy PubicHair_Hairy.package. It went from 07.08.2019 to 11.08.2019. That's only 4 days older. 


    So, I actually downloaded files wich are 3 months old?  Is this correct?





  14. 3 hours ago, ColonolNutty said:

    Edit: For others who are having the black texture issue, does it get fixed by turning off sweating?


    I did a double 10 minutes animation test with 2 different dogs in 2 seperate locations (2 animations running at the same time) :


    Turning off WW Need Decay : no more dirty dog

    Turning off WW Sweating Option : no more loss of tongue and penis color

    Difficult choice.... I also like the sweating option... 😎


  15. 1 hour ago, ColonolNutty said:
    1 hour ago, David_Jarvis said:

    Hi, do you still have WWPets v4.0.31 and WickedWhims(v?) to work with it? Can you share it with us, because I searched in many places but cannot find. I think others are looking for this too.

    From what it sounds like, you have mods that rely on WWPets, so if you get a hold of it, send it my way and I can put it on the Sims File Share for others who need it.


    I think it was this combination : 

    WWPets v4.0.31.rar WickedWhims v145e - 13 September 2019.rar

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