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  1. I probably will, but I don't know when. I want to make sure that this TAWOBA patch works for everyone before I repeat the process with the TEWOBA patch. It's a tedious process. It will probably be at least a week or two.
  2. This mod changes all "TAWOBA Remastered" armor that is heavy armor to light armor. It also changes the keyword from ArmorHeavy to ArmorLight. The only exceptions are the Bikini Guard Armor, Gloves, Helmet, and Shoes. Don't ever change, Biki Niseman. You are perfect the way you are. Requirements: SunJeong's TAWOBA Remastered for SSE Future Plans: I plan to convert this mod from ESP to ESM at a later date. First and foremost, thank you to nisetanaka for your original work on TAWOBA. Skyrim is practically unplayable without it. Thank you also to SunJeong for TAWOBA Remastered for SSE. So far, I think your TAWOBA conversion is the best one for SSE, and I'm glad you did the work even though so many other conversions exist. Copyright: It doesn't seem like I could get tired of playing this game, so right now I can't foresee that I'll abandon this mod. But if I ever do, I don't want this mod to languish, or for folks who use it to suffer. That's why I want to make sure that someone else can take it over from the outset. I create mods for the games that I like best, but I almost never publish them. This one is a rare exception. This work is copyright under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license, except as outlined below. My understanding of that license is that it means that you don't have to ask me and you can do whatever you like with this mod, provided that you give me credit and link back to my user profile at this site and my mod at this URL. That said, I can ask you to take my name out if I don't like what you're doing. It's explained here: https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_Attribution Here are my addenda to the copyright license: anyone willing can take over my mod if I don't respond to private messages to me requesting to take the mod over on this site within 3 months (the standard CC-AL license still applies) anyone can publish my mod to another site if I don't respond to private messages requesting that permission to me on this site within 3 months (the standard CC-AL license still applies) anyone is free to publish an update or patch for this mod in the discussion topic for this mod! if you want to take this mod over at this site for this version of this game, my wish is that you take it over at the same URL so folks don't have to look for it. The mods of this site can tell you if that's possible or not. TAWOBA Remastered Light-1.0.7z
  3. Yup, I usually start as a drunk in the bee and barb to skip the coc.
  4. I would love a live another life mod that dropped straight into the auction.
  5. Thank you both very much! I was able to compile without errors once I installed the SkyUI sources, and I have the compiled version for when my source edits go awry, that's truly the best of both worlds. The dunning-krueger effect tells me that I'm about to go crazy with overconfidence and wreck everything by changing scripts that I don't yet fully understand, so thank you for your assistance in this journey.
  6. If folks would rather help me through the compiler errors and teach a fellow to fish, here is the output that I get when I'm trying to compile. My sexlab aroused redux is a loose install. I see an army of this warning in the warning window: BSString::Set(): Could not allocate full amount of memory asked for with aiMaxLen. for error #1, ski_configbase exists as a pex in the data\scripts folder, but the skyui bsa I have doesn't include source files. SKSE psc and pex files exist in their proper directores as best I can tell.
  7. Hi folks, I'm having a heck of a time getting papyrus scripts to compile. I want to make a one-line change to a script in "Devious Devices Enchanted Chests" on line 341 of dtraps_dDevices.psc to temporarily remove an explosion trap effect: I want to change this: triggerfx(dtTrapExplosion, 400, true, true) ;Patch to this: ;triggerfx(dtTrapExplosion, 400, true, true) ;Patch I have scripts in data\scripts and source in \data\scripts\source. I think I have the skyui and nioverride errors fixed. I'm guessing I have a jcontainers fix to do as well. I have been unpacking .bsa files left and right to get the compile errors down, but what I really want is for deviously enchanted chests to not set an explosion off every time a trap gets set up. I tried to install the notepad++ and VS code installers to try to see if I could get a more friendly error environment but this situationis spiraling out of control to comment out one line. Can someone with papyrus dev experience help me out?
  8. Thank you! I put it here for now. If you'd rather it go somewhere else, just let me know.
  9. Here is an SE port of RidingStyles v2, done with FingersCrossed's permission. 😂 I did encounter some oddities but the core functionality appears to work just fine. Minus key on the numpad worked; MCM showed up after a save and load from said save. RidingStyles2V3.0-SE.7z
  10. This is easily one of my favorite mods of all time, but frustration with DCL losing or ignoring settings that were set in the MCM led me to temporarily replacing it with 5-6 other mods for my SE install. Is there any official guidance on fixing when MCM settings are ignored? Entering MCM, exporting settings, and then re-importing the settings seems to work for a little, but it's only a matter of time before DCL settings are ignored again within the same play session. It seems like it's about a 50/50 or 66/33 chance that MCM settings are followed. Complaint aside, many thanks for the folks that work so hard on this mod --
  11. I just politely asked @fingerscrossed for permission to do that. If it helps others, it took a save and reload from save for me to be able to see the Riding Styles MCM config.
  12. Riding Styles 2 v3 appears to be convertible, if buggy. I ran it through CAO, can confirm that the hotkey (numpad minus key "-") brings up mount dialogue, and confirmed that the most basic functions (the PC functions) work. It appears to be buggy when assigning followers to mounts, though that could be a conflict with follower framework mods that enable followers to ride horses. There is a bit of lag when it comes to PCs crossing some sort of area boundaries.
  13. They might be convertible to the player if you are able to find the Bee-V follower by HoneyVanity, who now seems to go by a different name on nexus mods. It looks to me like they deleted their mods. referenced here
  14. Same results here. @nomkaz Just to add in case it helps, 1.0 gives a lot of odd clipping that seems to originate from slave heads, which I encountered immediately after the Jarl of Whiterun informed me of "the new deal". Having never run the mod before, I downloaded 1.0, encountered the problem, disabled 1.0, loaded 0.9 instead, and the clipping problem is gone. Thank you for all the ports you do!
  15. This happens occasionally for me as well. I have a bit of a workaround, but I haven't figured out a real fix. The workaround is that once I have DCL configured the way I like, I export the config (if memory serves it's on the debug tab in MCM). When I have this problem, I've been re-importing the config, and that generally seems to force my settings back. I haven't seen it as much since I installed the "sse engine fixes" mod, which I've sometimes seen as a soft or suggested requirement for devious devices.
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