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  1. I looked at their LastExeption file and showed it showed: NisaWickedPerversions LL as version2_7c (Now Update Available)) MCCC as version 7.4.0 (Now Update Available) Basemental Drugs as Version 6.12.131-PUBLIC but was broken (They Updated that today) Those are possible for the error until they upgrade those mods.
  2. Check if you are using NisaWickedPerversionsvLL as that was upgraded today and maybe causing the problem. I had this problem earlier and this took care of it after upgrading. Also I noticed that you are using Basemental drugs which has been reported as broken on their website and has not been upgraded yet. MCCC has also been updated.
  3. I was also having this problem and yes it appears to be a skin tone issue. Mine was related to PYXIS_StuckOnYou_Skintones_NATRAL.package file. Once I removed, I stopped having that problem.
  4. Lot unusable have same issues as LMSSpeilax. 1. Created fresh ES Sims 4 folder in My Documents 2. Downloaded latest version of your file 3. Copied just your files into mods folder 4. Copied the latest version of WickedWhims public version V158g - 23 September 2020 Game version PC: - 3 September 2020 Still shows missing files and not working. Are you using patron versions on your builds? Edit: Bugatti seems to be only object to work and downstairs.
  5. I found them by searching for Loverslab which I found the name by putting them as the only ones in my tray folder. Make sure to use include custom content.
  6. The only way I was able to go up or down is to have the sims be on the lot before placing the lot in build mode. Then going back into play mode.
  7. Question with items removed error message when trying to place this. It says (10 Build Mode items have been removed. and 2 Build Mode items have been substituted) Latest patch with all but a few stuff packs installed. It shows with or without any mods in my game. "bb.moveobjects" on works, but "bb.showhiddenobjects" doesn't seam to be working. Help please. Edited: I added an image file of things not installed as shown by S4TI - Tray Importer if this helps.
  8. There are two types of files, one that will go in your tray and one that are files that go in the mods folder. If they end with package file type they go into the mods. They are five no package type these go into tray folder. Once this is done the beach should show up in your library. You need the latest patch or the tray files won't allow you to place in game. You can also use the package items to build your own beach.
  9. How about some Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs? EXample: Bandidos Cossacks Hells Angels Mongols Vagos
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