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  1. 我做矿山任务到进入铁匠铺这个阶断的时候,NPC不停的找我重复对话,请问这是什么问题?我应该如何解决? When I went to the blacksmith's shop and stepped into the blacksmith's shop, NPC kept looking for me to repeat the dialogue. What's the problem? What should I do?
  2. Landlord, since DD could prevent the tentacle attacks, I hope you can let DD also deterred oviposition, as long as it does not remove the device has been in the state of birth, excuse me, are you interested in it?
  3. Hi! Thanks for suggestion, but i am not interesting in creating bitchsuit right now. Maybe one day.. I'm not sure about it. 师傅,我想学做MOD Master, I want to learn to do MOD
  4. Thank You So Much! I really appreciate your help. Now it's time to post some wip pics! It's a straitjacket which drain all my energy. And i'm still working on texture. And, as a bonus, 2 pics of useless but interesting pillows, which I used to try new modeling techniques. DASHA大人,我是你的崇拜者!我很期待见到你的新作品! DASHA's adult, I am your fan! I'm looking forward to see your new works!
  5. If DD's MCM menu is not present, the mod is not operating. Verify that it works correctly on a new save. If it does not work, you have an installation problem. If it does work, then the installation failed for whatever reason on your existing save. DD is not functioning on a new save (all testing has been done by selecting 'new' from the main menu). This indicates an install problem, however from what I can tell, everything is being installed to the proper places by ModOrganizer. Hence why I'm confused. I'd take a look if you uploaded a copy of your papyrus.0.log. Googling "sk
  6. Excuse me, DASHA, are you interested in making a device similar to a picture?
  7. 请问你对制作这样的装置感兴趣吗? Excuse me are you interested in making such a device?
  8. 请问楼主对制作这样的装置有兴趣吗? Could you tell me the original poster is interested in making such a device?
  9. If you have the Devious Devices Expansion you have access to "slave boots," which has the kind of functions that you are talking about. The only mod the uses it is Live a Deviant Life, but I'm pretty sure Vel, Min, and the rest of the gang are working on integrating it with the other Devious Devices Mods. Though maybe something like this would be cool too. Or this And with the on all fours sneak animation... You should know what I'm saying, when just using mechanical translation...
  10. This MOD author Sir Hello, I'm the Chinese area of the user。 You this MOD I like it very much, also want to share with you a little idea. Since have arm restraint, why not do a foot restraint? After put on foot restraint limit role can only sit down and get down, crawl and can only rely on the mobile, will be very slow, if put on hand at the same time restraint is moving more slowly What do you think? Let the characters can't stand up and move very slowly,Crawling like larva of a butterfly
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