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    If we're talking kinks? anything preg, cum, beast, hotwife, cheat, gangb related is up my ally, especially if there is a story or context associated.
    Otherwise, I do like video games and never realized how both can be done at the same time until I found this place by accident! I can create any story I want!

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  1. Not sure if you still needed it, but just saw this. So here you go. I also should note that this (1.33) is the last version CN had before he updated animation coding to make it process faster. So maybe something there is possibly messing with your game somehow or another. DeviousDesires v1.33.zip
  2. I just have to say for anyone curious. version 1.48 is an absolute GAME changer and that is not in any way an exaggeration. I have 38 GB/15,000 files of mods installed. My PC can only handle WW animations with up to 4 actors without complete lag. When using DD I can very easily and quickly run 8+ actors with zero issues of any of the very same animations. Now that DD has the ability to play any and all animations, it changes everything. His coding for animation play is simply unmatched. Instead of waiting 40+ minutes just to play 1 animation..it only takes a couple seconds and can instantly ro
  3. Is this the first time someone finally got some tentacles out there? This could be a big thing.
  4. Do your pet animations show up on the floor and bed? If they do then it may be an issue with the pet mod not properly identifying the different objects. If the options do not show up on the floor or bed or anywhere at all, then it is likely a broken mod somewhere or an issue with your settings somewhere or maybe an incorrect version.
  5. Instead of clicking on sim you need to shift+click on sim and then go to Wicked Pets icon and then you will find option in there. Alternatively, you can now also go into attraction options and bulk (or individually) add by adding dogs/cats under species in attraction options and that will work as well.
  6. This was going to be my next question as it wasnt rotating like I thought it would. How do I make this a bat file and where do I place it? Is it as simple as creating a text file and copy/paste (and edit source) what you typed and then changing from txt into bat? Then where do I place the file? Also thanks!
  7. Why have I not seen anything like this before? Has no one really not thought to do this before? This is awesome!
  8. would you be able to check and verify all of the vaginal interactions are coded with cum/climax function? Currently I am only able to impregnated with1 animation of any of your v-animations ass-ass-3. The rest come with 0% success rate even with 100% turned on. This tells me there might be an option in the animation not set for the rest maybe?
  9. I wish I had noticed this 8 days ago when it was posted. I have literally spent weeks and countless hours trying to find any and all mods that ping this error... so basically you're saying WW fucked my save?
  10. speaking of the cum layer mod. Is there a way for cum layers to be added to the penis? I always thought it weird that turbo never added it as I've never known a penis to come out clean after lol. Plus it just looks really weird when my trans women bukake gang bang with the women and have a clean lower front..
  11. has anyone else had a recent surge in broken content? I just got done removing almost 40 mods all broken according to MCCC.. most of them clothing and objects...I've never had either clothing or objects break before and I've never had more than 1 or 2 mods break at a time...weird coincidence. Was wondering if thats normal or if others had the same happen to them? They started breaking maybe a couple weeks ago or maybe a month.
  12. @LittleMsSam has a dress code mod for this. I would cross check the most recent mod however because the download at her own page seems to be more recently updated than the LL mod has been, but just make sure the naked add-on is included in your mod either way. Edit: corrected info provided.
  13. I can't be the only one that finds it odd that there is no cum layer option for the male genitals...do they magically stay clean after getting the "job" done? This is especially obviously weird when using @azmodan22 cum layer mod. Just sayin..
  14. Has anyone ever thought of or looked into changing default birthing location from bassinet into animation options of wherever you select or they end up? such as a bed, couch, floor? Standing in front of a bassinet and then it suddenly happens just never really sat well. I just figured there was coding limitations that made changing this impossible; but wanted to ask just to make sure on the off chance no one really thought about it before. I get that it might be maybe too graphic a concept for some, but it doesn't even really have to be that detailed, just asking for something more realistic t
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