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  1. Hey, Does anybody know where I can find this hair mod ? Also this one : https://streamable.com/68vsm
  2. I have a problem, when a NPC goes to bed or stuff like that, her breast clip like crazy, it's a bit like this thread https://www.loverslab.com/topic/133194-cbbe-smp-breast-glitch-on-npcs/ somebody knows how to fix this ?
  3. Does this work for legendary edition or is it special edition exclusive ?
  4. I see thanks unfortunately the fix isn't available anymore, do you have it ?
  5. Ok thanks for the help and the information ! I'm gonna try asking thanks
  6. Do i need bodyslide fix or something ? Because with this skse the breast still has no physics with 3bones for me
  7. 『(武器)单车的扇子』by 皮皮自行车 (baidu pass : du0o / 9DM) please and thanx
  8. I'm trying to find out what file this guy uses to get such boobs physics and what poses file make this sort of dance, would be great if you know ! https://twitter.com/lily6sky/status/1126089553259876352
  9. What hdt do you guys use for better physics ?
  10. Does anyone have the full smp body uunp that was in the previous thread please ?
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