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  1. Version 0.94 Captives are now generated based on leveled NPC lists instead of array properties Does it mean that the captives won't be "unique" anymore, and have same "non-LooksMenu customizable" appearences such as normal settlers? I used Looksmenu on a lot of freed captives and I'm just curious if I'll lose that ability from now on. (if you, person reading this, don't know what I'm talking about: normal settlers can't have their appearences changed/have presets applied on them via SLM <Target> = LooksMenu; and Commonwealth Captives' settlers CAN be customized)
  2. Dude I just looked up Commonwealth Reclamation Project, it's fantastic Can you link me the discord again please, the link in the main page isn't working for me Thanks
  3. Oh shit, that actually makes a lot of sense lmao. I knew something was a bit off, but I didn't consider the thing not working on custom Npc's a possibility of my issue tho. Thanks friendo.
  4. I used your new ESP, unfortunatelly didn't work. It's not working precisely with Mayor McDonough during Depravity's Quest of blackmailing him then deciding his fate. (I was gonna do some roleplaying in that scenario, that's where this mod came in handy). But he instantly starts his "I got important stuff to do I'm the mayor after all" literally. But seriously don't worry about this, Hardship always worked fine with me, this situation is sadly the only time it didn't. You got more important stuff to take care of Tentacus. Since you're probably reading this, thanks for th
  5. Hello lads and lassies, if anyone can give me a hand here: I'm using one of Thuggyverse mods who change some essential NPCs behaviour, therefore, they are not starting the Harship dialogue while pressing "E" (I have this mod activated using a hotkey... I know the deal), they just say their Thuggyverse's quest lines. Never starting the Hardship talk. I'd like to know how to I start the HARDSHIP dialogue via console commands. I believe it's the option I'm looking for. If it's possible, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks.
  6. Is there a NPC who can sell me keys to set myself free like Kimy from Goodneighbor (Fallout 4). Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I couldn't find it in the description, thanks
  7. oi mate, is it possible to extend the pacification time, like more than the max time from the MCM? Via XML editing or something
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