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  1. No you can delete them, they are just used to create the texture files for the loading screens. Personally I keep them around as its not super easy/intutivate to add images to existing profiles later. Glad you like it! When I made the latest version of this mod however long ago that was, I had thought that would be impossible though now re-thinking about it I think it could work. Though to be honest I don't really have any time to spend working on projects like this, at least for now so I doubt it'll get added anytime soon if at all. If I do update this mod I'll make sure to look into this a bit more though. I do have a list of things I want to improve on this mod but just don't have the time right now to dedicate to it. I too have a 1440p monitor that I play on, I just set the resolution to 4k, obviously it takes up a lot of space that way but at least the images look clear
  2. Did you already create your loadscreen profile using the mod? From the screen your on you should have already create a loadscreen profile which turns your pictures in loadscreen texture (dds) files. I'd first verify the location of the profile you made (Default: Data\Tools\GlevLoadScreenMaker\profiles\PROFILENAME) has the files you created and they are the right format aka they are .dds files, in your case should be 667 .dds files, if they are any other file type (like jpg or png) then it won't work. If the loadscreen profile folder does already contain DDS files then I think your issue is powershell on your PC. Windows 7 comes with Powershell v2, but you can upgrade to Version 5 for free just download it from Microsoft's Website. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=54616
  3. Haha I just caught up on this whole thread, AnnonAngelion really does a great job at responding to people on my mods. I do have these topics followed but I guess i still somehow miss out on them as I just now saw this whole topic months later. Right now I have alot of stuff going on irl so I don't check on LoversLab that often so I really do appreciate the help :) I'd like to update this mod one day from the ground up and not have it use Powershell so its a bit more reliable but who knows when that will happen if ever lol.
  4. Oh I didn't know that mod got updated for SE, very cool. Yeah I made the GlevAdventureTent.esp with OG Skyrim Creation Kit so it would make sense it would crash in SE. The other parts of my Sexy Skyrim all work in SE since they don't have any ESPs. I'm unsure about how easy or how to at all update mods for SE but that GlevAdventureTent.esp mod literally just adds frames and flags to the adventure tent, so if there is a stupid simple method to upgrade OG Skyrim Mods to SE you could try that. When I do the next update to this mod I'll look into this further and see if I can update that mod for SE version. Sorry I dont have a super simple fix for you, but you should just be fine with removing/disabling GlevAdventureTent.esp.
  5. not sure what you mean by temporal error? Can you give more detail or a screenshot or something?
  6. Good idea, I'm considering starting working on a new version of this mod soon (in a few months or so), When I start working on it I'll check out that mod and see how feasible it would be to do.
  7. I don't know what was changed so I'll just report back what I observed. For these tests I used your new Immsersive Horses Patch as one of the last loaded ESP's, with no Merged Patch, along wtih your Sexlab More Creatures, Hentai Creatures and MNC Loaded. I purchased the horse in whiterun which Immersive horses changed to be named 'queen aslifar' and was already a female, purchased her from the hostler and stayed female with no dong. I adopted a male horse (which worked with dong/nudebody) put in the game by Immersive Horses and it switched to female right when it was adopted. And I found a male horse that was placed wtih 'Sexlab More Creatures' mod and was using the immserive horses texture/mesh, was able to get male nude body applied but switched to female right after adopted. I also went to every city where you can buy horses and all of them are female both before and after purchasing. What changes were in that new ESP mod that I should be looking for? Screenshots below
  8. Oh snap! I'll try it out and let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  9. Ok, you know of a way to turn the female flag off for a horse? There a console command or you mean using the immersive horses mod? Also I see that on the latest version of Immersive Horses SSE version that female adopt bug is fixed: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13402 Too bad the OG Skyrim version is running 2.5 still
  10. Wow should have at least checked the last page, whoops! So you're right you're able to drag from left to right on xEDIT, i swear i tried that yesterday but I must have missed dragging it over to the correct row. I just copied over the BodyTemplae section over for all the horses from the Immserive Horses Patch over to the Smashed patch. Thats annoying that Immersive horses changes all them into females, I hope there is a setting in that mod to manually change them back to male, I'll try to find out if there is a way to change them back to male and report back. Thanks for the responses, they're super helpful!
  11. Solved my issue listed how to fix below: Ok took me a few hours but I solved the case of the Invisible Horse with the Immersive Horses Mod and Patch. The invisible horses were caused by a patch made from Mator Smash which is pretty much a better xEDIT merge/WryBash merged patch. This only seems to be an issue when using Immersive Horses/Patch/MNC, this Mator Smash Problem didn't show for me when using just MNC. In the Faq for the Mator Smash MOD you find the below information: I didn't quite understand what he meant by the 'Drag the Biped Body Template element from the previous override' so I solved the problem by having Mator Smash ignore the plugins that Immersive horses/NMC uses, like MoreNastyCritters.esp, HentaiCreatures.esp, Immersive Horses.esp, Immersive Horses Patch.esp and rebuild the Mator Smash merge. To ignore plugins in Mator Smash open it right click the ESP and click Smash Settings-->Ungrouped-->Skip and do this for every plugin. Then just rebuild your Mator Smash merge by clicking the Hammer at the top. New Issue with Immersive Horses with Patch listed below: Now I did find an issue with the Immersive Horses with the Patch. When using the MoreNastyCritters v11 4A, with Immersive Horses and the Immersive Horses patch found in CompabilityKitsforMNCv11_4 I was able to replicate this scenario. Find a horse that is using the immersive horses mesh/texture and the nude body gets applied perfectly fine, I can replicate and it works no problems. But... when you adopt the same horse (to make it part of your pack) the mesh/texture changes to the vanillia textures/meshes and then the nude body doesn't get applied when aroused/sexy time. Also a small note on this as well not all horses in the game have the Immersive horses texture, some have the vanillia textures and the horses with Vanilla textures/meshes don't get Dongs/NudeBodys applied to them, not a huge deal but thought I'd mention it. Below is a few screenshots of one Immersive Horse before being adopted and it having nude body, then after being adoped and having the nude body not apply
  12. Ok good to know, I'll do some more messing around and see what I can get working. Might be something with my MO load order, probably overwriting I shouldn't be.
  13. I havn't tried testing aroused horses yet, good idea I'll try that tonight. I should have all the requirements for the immersive horses as described so my guess it's how the SexlabMoreCreatures mod is pulling the mesh/texture for the base horse. Trying to look at it via xEDIT and see if I see where the issue is coming from.
  14. First of all I just want to say that this mod is wonderful. You've really spent the time to get all the best features of all the different mods for this as well as fixing all the issues that can come up and it's very impressive. I do have a small problem that I figure is an issue with the 2 mods I'm using together. I just started a new ModOrganizer install for a new OG-Skyrim play-through on and am using MoreNastyCritters v11 4A. I used the Mod CompabilityKitsforMNCv11_4 to add the SexlabMoreCreatures Mod and also have the Immserive Horses mod and your patch for it. I've also NOT used the option "Vanilla Horse Textures" in the Immservice Horses install as described in your readme file (very helpful btw). The issue is shown below where the horses that come from SexlabMoreCreatures have no mesh/texture and show as transparent screenshot below: Any suggestions would be helpful, if not I'll probably just remove the 'More Creatures Mod' to resolve my issue but I would still like those wolves/dogs/horses to be around in case you know... they get frisky
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