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  1. SLSF Fame Comments SE

    NEW: Version 3.0 with MCM, Fame Events and Male PC Support - Adds over 800 MCM-configurable “fame event” comments based on SLSF fame types and levels that can trigger NPC offers of sex, stripping and bondage, NPC masturbation, as well as forced events. Also adds male PC support.
    Version 3.01 is a minor bug fix upgrade. In particular, it raises the priority level of normal fame comments to match the priority of fame "event" comments for a better balance of comments. However, this will globally increase the frequency of all fame comments. Consider reducing "Comment Probability" in the SLSF MCM to compensate.   
    Introduction:  Does it seem a little immersion-breaking that no one in Skyrim seems to notice your sexual (mis)adventures? That you could have sex in the town square every day, whether with men, women or beasts, without anyone thinking you a whore, or worse? That you could parade stark naked through town, even covered with bodily fluids, or bound, with hardly a comment or reaction? Well, no more. With this mod and SexLab Sexual Fame your sexual fame can spread through a town and even throughout Skyrim, and your nakedness, your SexLab activity, and the visible effects of your sexual adventures will rarely go without comment or reaction.
    With this mod, your PC can become Skyrim’s biggest slut, or perhaps the real “Throat of the World”. Your taste for men or women will set tongues wagging. Your anal adventures will become infamous, your desires to be submissive, naked and exposed well known, and your perverted cravings for beasts to be (almost) universally condemned. 
    But be warned: If your PC’s reputation for sexual activity grows great, your PC will not only receive offers of sex from NPCs (and certain followers), but may also be the target of unfriendly NPCs who seek to take advantage of your PC. Also, if your sexual fame in a hold capital grows so great as to disturb the Jarl, you’ll be warned and and may be punished by the guards for your perversions.
    Description:  This mod is a comment and SexLab event add-on for Versh’s SexLab Sexual Fame (SLSF) mod. It provides over 1500 NPC comments based on PC public nakedness and/or accumulated sexual fame in each of 24 Skyrim towns and other settled areas, plus an additional 2200 custom follower comments between Serana, Mjoll and Faendal. Visible cum and visible devious devices may also trigger relevant comments, as may SexLab activity.  High levels of certain categories of SLSF fame can also trigger Jarl warnings and bounties in hold capitals.
    [NEW in 3.0] In addition to the above comments, version 3.0 offers an additional 800 NPC and 370+ follower “fame event” comments that can trigger forced SexLab activity, offers of paid and unpaid SexLab activity, player stripping, player bondage, and NPC masturbation. 
    Fame comments are based on your local sexual fame, which is tracked by the SLSF mod in each of 24 settled areas in Skyrim, and in 14 different fame categories: likes men, likes women, exhibitionist, oral, anal, slut, submissive, Orc, Argonian, Khajiit, beastiality, skooma, whore and masochist. Sexual fame accrues based on the performing the following acts near NPCs in one of Skyrim’s settled areas:
    Likes Women fame – from SexLab activity with women Likes Men fame – from SexLab activity with men Exhibitionist fame – from being naked, and visible cum, tats or devices Oral fame – from SexLab oral activity, and visible oral cum Anal fame – from SexLab anal activity, and visible anal cum Slut fame – from SexLab sex acts, and visible cum Submissive fame – from SexLab aggressive activity as victim Orc fame – from SexLab activity with Orcs Argonian fame – from SexLab activity with Argonians Khajiit fame – from SexLab activity with Khajiit Bestiality fame – from SexLab activity with creatures Skooma fame – from public skooma use (or, if installed, Skooma Whore physical decay stage over level 3) Whore fame – from visible whore-tagged tattoos (requires SlaveTats) Masochist fame – from visible masochist-tagged tattoos (requires SlaveTats)  
    Most mod comments are based on SLSF fame, which means they will only trigger in one of the 24 locations (towns and other settled areas) where fame is tracked by the SLSF mod. However, there are also many non-fame-based comments, e.g., triggered by being naked or bound, or by having sex. These could trigger anywhere. 
    Some comments are friendly, though many are harsh. NPCs who are friends, confidants, allies and lovers will make comments, but will not deliver especially harsh comments. Comments in general can become more aggressive as the relevant fame increases. Some comments also have a racial element to them. Comments by Khajiit are lore friendly in dialogue style. All comments are non-voiced subtitles.
    [NEW in 3.0] Fame Event Comments:
    Fame event comments are randomly generated along with the non-event fame comments. They are generally triggered at higher SLSF fame levels, but other factors such as nudity can cause them to trigger at lower levels. They also are often limited to particular NPCs, locations and times of day. Thus, they are not as common as the non-event comments. Fame events include the following: forced PC stripping based on exhibitionism fame; NPC masturbation based on PC nudity, slut fame and/or exhibitionism fame; forced sex based on various SLSF fame; offers of sex based on various SLSF fame; offers of paid sex based on whore or beastiality fame; and bound sex based on submissive fame. Some fame events involve multiple actors, and SLSF beastiality fame can cause NPCs to force or offer sex with various creatures. Fame event comments can be enabled or disabled by SLSF fame category in the SLSF Fame Comments MCM, and an equipped weapon will prevent forced fame event comments if this option is selected in the MCM. Also, the “Comment Probability” setting in the SLSF MCM will affect the frequency of both regular fame comments and “fame event” comments.
    Arrest that Slut!: 
    A reputation for extreme sexual behavior can now get your PC in trouble in the nine hold capitals. Once certain SLSF fame levels (e.g., SLSF slut fame) reach high levels in a hold capital, your PC will eventually receive a warning letter from the Jarl. If your applicable SLSF fame in the city or town continues to increase, a hold bounty will be issued and local guards may try to arrest you if you do not pay the bounty. Install POP (Prison Overhaul Patched) if you want to enable the Jarls’ specific threats of punishment to be realized.  
    Serana, Mjoll & Faendal Follower Comments:
    Followers do not make comments under this mod, except for Mjoll in Riften, Faendal in Riverwood, and Serana (Dawnguard), who each have a unique set of custom comments on SLSF fame, nudity, SexLab activity, cum and devices, including related weather, location and combat dialog. Mjoll has over 700 custom comments, Faendal has over 550 custom comments, and Serana has almost 1000 custom comments.
    Faendal’s comments do not reflect an attraction to the PC. Mjoll’s comments will reflect an increased attraction to the PC as the PC’s SLSF Likes Women fame increases. [NEW in 3.0] Many of Mjoll's comments are also conditioned on the PCs and/or Mjoll's SexLab Aroused arousal levels. Serana’s comments will reflect an increased attraction to the PC as the Dawnguard main quest progresses and is completed. Many of Serana’s comments are also conditioned on the PCs and/or Serana’s SexLab Aroused arousal levels. Serana’s comments can also vary based on whether the PC is a vampire or not.   
    [NEW in 3.0] Serana and Mjoll Fame Event Comments:
    In addition to the non-event fame comments mentioned above, Serana has over 200 fame event comments and Mjoll has over 120 fame event comments that can trigger randomly as a subset of all fame comments under applicable conditions, in each case as a follower. Serana will not have fame event comments until the Dawnguard main quest is completed, and Mjoll will not have fame event comments until the PC’s SLSF ‘Likes Women’ Fame reaches mid-levels (40-55) in any location where SLSF fame is tracked. 
    Locations Where Sexual Fame is Independently Tracked by SLSF:
    Cities, Towns and Villages: Dawnstar, Falkreath, Markarth, Morthal, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold, Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Riverwood, Rorikstead, Shors Stone, Raven Rock, and Skaal Village Orc Strongholds: Dushnikh Yal, Largashbur, Mor Khazgur, and Narzulbur Other: Winterhold College, Castle Volkihar, and Fort Dawnguard  
    Versh's SexLab Sexual Fame Framework SE v0.99
    and its dependencies, which are:
    SkyUI UIExtensions Fuz Ro D-oh SexLab Framework Zaz Animation Packs SexLab Aroused Redux  
    Notes on SLSF:  Under the SLSF fame system, it is possible for your sexual fame in one location to spread to other locations. Your sexual fame in a location will also fade after time away from the area.  Your fame in each category is tracked by a counter that ranges from 0 to 100, where 0 is no fame and 100 is very famous.
    Although this mod has its own MCM, you will need to use the SLSF MCM to adjust fame accumulation and loss intervals and amounts, and chance of fame spread to other areas, and you will need to use the SLSF MCM to view (and reset) your fame stats in each of the 24 areas tracked. You can also use the SLSF MCM to toggle off children if you do not wish to interact with them. (Children do not make SexLab-triggered comments or SLSF-fame-based comments in any case.) You can also use the SLSF MCM to adjust this mod’s comment frequency.
    Note that this mod only implements a subset of SLSF’s features: In particular, it does not use all SLSF fame types, and it does not use the SLSF NPC reaction system.
    Notes on SLSF Whore and Masochist Fame Comments:
    SLSF Whore and Masochist fame comments can currently be triggered only via SlaveTats. SLSF can track Whore and Masochist fame but the only way that SLSF can increment it (other than via an external mod programmed to increment SLSF) is via SlaveTats integration. SLSF can be configured to allow a visible SlaveTats tattoo in a selected SlaveTats category in a selected body location to increment a selected SLSF fame category. So, SLSF can be configured to allow a visible whore- or masochist-themed tattoo in a selected body location to increment SLSF Whore or Masochist fame, respectively, as follows: 
    Go to SLSF MCM>Base Settings and make sure "SlaveTats: Specific Gain" is checked. While you're there, note what the "Config Key" is. (Default is 'down arrow' I believe.) Then, exit the MCM back into the game and hit 'down arrow' or whatever your Config Key is and a radial menu will pop up. Select "ST Specific Gain" off the radial menu and then select "[OK]" at the next instruction screen (if it appears). Then, select an empty slot on the list that appears and set as follows:                -- Fame Category:  [enter the category name as it appears in the SlaveTats MCM, e.g., "Whore Advertising" or "Slutty"]
                   -- Body Location:  [pick Body, Head, etc. as desired]
                   -- Fame Increased:  [pick PC.Whore for Whore fame, or PC.Masochist for Masochist fame]
                   -- Fame Cap From This:  [I would leave at 100, since there's currently no other way to accrue Whore or Masochist fame]
    Then ESC to exit.  
    [NEW in 3.0] As a slight workaround for Whore fame, V3.0 treats Slut fame of 90+ as equivalent to Whore fame of 10+, so your PC may still get some whore comments and offers (assuming Whore events are enabled) without actual Whore fame. 
    Suggested SLSF MCM Settings:
    Disable “Allow Re-Equip” – Otherwise, SLSF will equip devious devices on NPCs that it deems submissive. Disable “Remove Child NPC” – Otherwise, SLSF will remove all children from the game. Enable “Cum Always Hiddable” [sic] – Otherwise, heavy cum textures will cause an increase in exhibitionist fame, even when fully clothed, which will throw off some of the comments in this mod, as it generally assumes exhibitionist fame comes from being naked. Set “Comment Probability” – Default is 70%. This default setting is fairly comment heavy at times. Adjust as desired.  
    Also, when reading the SLSF MCM, read “Contage” as fame contagion, i.e., spread of fame to other areas.
    Suggested Other Mod Settings:
    SLSF’s exhibitionist fame can arise from being naked in settled areas, or from visible cum, tats or devices.  This SLSF fame combination category is unfortunate as there is no way to distinguish between these causes.  However, this mod’s comments generally assume exhibitionist fame comes from being naked.  Accordingly, in order for all of this mod’s exhibitionist comments to make sense, you’ll want to eliminate or minimize exhibitionist fame increases from visible cum, tats or devices.  This can be done as follows:
    As mentioned above, enable SLSF’s “Cum Always Hiddable” To minimize exhibitionist fame from facial cum, in SexLab, keep Cum Effect Timer short, like the default of 120 seconds, or less. If you have the Spank that Ass mod, set the Tears Cooldown and Drool Cooldown to a few seconds in the Spank That Ass MCM. Otherwise, SLSF will read this as visible tats, and increase exhibitionist fame. If you have the Dripping When Aroused mod, disable Gag Drooling in the Dripping When Aroused MCM. Otherwise, SLSF will read this as visible tats, and increase exhibitionist fame. Don’t wear visible tats, or better yet, wear them while naked. Don’t wear visible devices, or better yet, wear them while otherwise naked.  
    It’s not a big deal if you don’t do these things, but if you don’t you might get a comment occasionally that is based on being previously naked in an area even though you were not. Your current state of (un)dress will always be read correctly, in any case.
    Mod Update: Just disable and remove the prior version, and then install the new version. Use a mod manager to install, as there are many loose files.  [NEW in 3.0] Because Version 3.0 places around 25 animals to support beastiality fame events, best to update after a save where your PC is in one of the following types of cells, as no animals are placed in any of these locations: Wilderness, dungeons, homes, shops, temples, barracks, jails, Orc strongholds, military camps.
    Mod Removal:  
    Version 3.0: MCM has a script and there are hundreds of script fragments attached to dialogue. Disabling mid-playthrough may cause issues. 
    Version 2.2: Jarl courier/bounty quests have minimal script fragments. Disabling mid-playthrough might cause issues.  
    Version 2.1NS: Just disable or enable this mod whenever you want. Mid-playthrough is fine. No scripts. Just a bunch of random dialogue with conditions.
    * Versh – for the SLSF mod and for his tutorial on how to create a comments plug in for it (very helpful, as this is my first mod)
    * nomkaz – for the conversion of the SLSF mod to SE
    * JimmyJimJim – creator of Sexist Guards, for providing great examples of dialogue conditions
    * nebellious – for racial comment ideas and examples
    * Koozie – for help with figuring out how to set up a Papyrus compiler and for script ideas
    Revision History



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